Creating Daily Balance as a Work at Home Mom

This post is included as a part of the Work at Home Mama Blogger Series!

Being a mom is a job – and a hard one at that! It’s possibly the hardest you’ll ever have. What other job makes you feel guilty, sleep deprived, ready to tear out your hair, and full of love and happiness on a daily basis?

But for some, being a mom is not enough. Some will go back to work, and others will take it upon themselves to start a side hustle. If you are considering working from home while you have little kids, then this is the series for you!

Over the next month myself and four other amazing mom bloggers are going to take you deep into the world of being a work at home mama. Make sure to go and subscribe to all of the blogs in the series so that you don’t miss a thing!


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Creating Daily Balance as a Work at Home Mom

When you work for someone else, and you’re able to do that work from home, there is someone holding you accountable. There are tasks you’re expected to do and likely a regular paycheck coming in.

You probably have work hours: you know when to start and you know when your work day will end. Though this may not always be the case, working for someone else, from home, tends to have boundaries that come with it.

When you work for yourself however, you may not realize how easy it is to either work too much or not enough. Over the last year I have met so many moms who work from home while their kids are at home.

Working at home. With Kids.

I used to think that working at home with your kids was not realistic (okay, that’s still true) and that it was also unprofessional. If someone else is paying you for your time, they’re not also paying you to watch your kids.

What I failed to realize is that there is a whole world of working moms, many of whom are bloggers and entrepreneurs who are working at home while their kids or there. Or, while their kids or napping. And probably also after their kids go to bed.

I am one of these moms. Working from home can be hard to understand if you haven’t done it. And, if you’re self-employed or run your own business your work days may be far from what you envision.

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