101 Self-Care Activities

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Self-care seems to be a hot topic. Moms like myself are constantly talking about how we don’t have enough time. And it’s true. We don’t. But I also think we don’t make ourselves enough of a priority.

When you, as a mom, are not taking care of yourself and aren’t making yourself and your needs a priority, what happens?

I don’t know about you, but I get grumpy, short-tempered, and feel unhappy.

What about the opposite? When you make yourself and your self-care a priority, what happens?

I always feel more settled, rested, happy, and have the ability to be more calm and present with my family when I am taking care of myself.

Excuses get in the way of self-care

It seems that a lot of people (myself included) make excuses that there isn’t enough time, but there is, and there can be, especially if you plan. The list below includes activities that don’t take much time or money and also has activities that are more involved in terms of your time, planning, and cost. Make the choice to fit in the activities that are right for you.

Remember that what is considered one person’s self-care will not be another’s. For example, if you’re very social but don’t have much time, then self-care might be planning a night out with your friends. If you crave alone time and rarely get it, then alone time is likely the self-care to prioritize.

Make sure your self-care meets your many types of needs

Also, when it comes to self care activities, there are different needs that we can work to meet

Physical self-care, which might include activities like exercise or eating well.

Emotional self-care, which includes taking time for your emotions, or doing pleasurable activities.

Spiritual self-care, which will be different depending on your spiritual beliefs but might include mediation, going to church, or praying.

Mental self-care can be activities that are mentally stimulating such as playing a game, or ones that allow you to take care of your mental state such as journaling or practicing kindness to yourself.

Practical self-care is typically about your life and what you need to do in a more logistical or practical sense, such as working on decluttering or tackling something on your to-do list. Yes, this can be self-care also.

Social self-care is using friends and others to help take care of yourself. This would be engaging in activities that include others or allow you to be social.

You can look at self-care and making sure that you take care of body, mind, and spirit. All of these aspects of ourselves need care. As you look at the list, some of the ideas might not be realistic because of where you live (for example, you might not be able to walk on the beach because you don’t live near one), but perhaps you can walk in the forest. Or, the activity might not be practical because of the time of year: you can’t always jump in puddles, or a hike may be unrealistic for you if it’s Winter and snowing.

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