Do you Know How to be a Calm Mama?

Do you ever have those moments where you know you need to calm down but you just can’t?

Where little things set you off and you know you need to make a change? Do you feel like you want to be a calmer mom? It’s completely normal to have moments where we get stressed out, worked up, pissed off and more. Why are moms so stressed out?

Pop Sugar surveyed Millennial moms to find out more about their stress. I don’t necessarily identify as a Millennial but the results are worth noting and probably span to other age groups. From the respondents of the survey, 45% of moms said they were more stressed than they thought they should be, and only 28% said they’re as happy as they should be.

I can relate. Can you?

The response talks about moms having less time for self-care. And if we have less time to take care of ourselves, we’re more likely to be on edge, short-tempered, and less able to react calmly to our children and the demands of life. For some of us (myself included) it can be hard to be a calm mom. Kids are a challenge and even on their best days they are demanding.

Though it’s a challenge at times,  in those moments where we feel stressed out, overwhelmed, or mad, we need to be able to calm down. Parents need to be able to practice self-regulation skills if we want to have any chance at all at helping our kids regulate their own emotions. Remember that children learn so much from what the see from us. Even though we may be trying to teach our kids to control their emotions, that doesn’t mean we personally will have an easy time doing it. If we have the skills to calm ourselves down, not only can we teach a great lesson, but we can do so from a much better place emotionally and mentally. Isn’t life just better when we’re not so stressed out? When mom is stressed out, the whole family struggles.

How to be a Calm Mama

If you want some support with calming down and controlling your emotions, then The Calmer Mama Checklist is for you. Being able to calm down is a skill that we can develop. Even if you feel like you have a very hard time controlling your emotions, with time, practice and patience, you can become a calmer mama. While there are many ways to calm yourself down, there are 5 simple steps you can take to identify what sets you off, notice how you react, and then have strategies in place to calm down. We want to make sure we’re aware of what triggers our feelings of being upset or overwhelmed. For example, maybe it’s your kids making a mess, or running late. Try to figure out what sets you off and see if you can do anything to address these challenge. For example, can you enlist your kids to help clean up or can you all work as a family to get out of the house on time?


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Make sure you also know how your body tells you that you’re feelings stressed; we’re all different. Some people notice their heart racing while others feel like their head is spinning. Others start to yell! Chances are, your body and mind are telling you that you’re getting worked up before you react so start to pay attention.From there we need to be able to calm down, for example taking deep breaths or even giving yourself a time out. Even moms need a break! Remember that learning to calm down is a skill. Kids can push your buttons like nobody’s business, so take the time to learn how to be a calm mama. When you learn to control your emotions, not only will you feel better, but you may also notice that everyone in your family is a bit calmer as well. Click here to download the checklist for free or pin the image for later.

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