10 Awesome Non-Brick Gifts for Lego Fans

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On our first visit to Legoland, I was amazed. I was impressed by the Lego sculptures everywhere, I was excited about the rides that we could go on as a family, and I was even more excited about all of the other Lego “stuff” that existed.

Our son is about two years into his Lego journey and prior to our visit to Legoland, I really only knew about Lego sets and Lego books. My son loves the library, and we have checked out just about every Lego book in our county and spent hours on the internet looking at the sets that Lego offers.

But aside from sets and books, I didn’t really understand the depth that there is in Lego gear, products and more. I was overwhelmed by the clothing choices, thought the desk accessories were super cute and was inspired by all of the non-brick gifts there are for Lego fans.

It was hard to narrow this list dow, but here you have it- 10 Awesome Non-Brick Gifts for Lego fans.10 awesome non-brick lego gifts for Lego fans. Lego sets aren't the only awesome gifts that you can get for anyone who loves lego. You'll love these gift ideas.

  1. Lego minifigure and brick trays These are adorable and would making ice in them would make any drink more fun. You could also make jello, crayons, or candy with these!
  2. Awesome Lego Creations with Bricks you Already Have Some Lego books give ideas but no information on how to create them, which is frustrating for my son. This book shows you the pieces you need and the steps to take- awesome! 
  3. Lego Roll Up Mat I think this mat is super cool and I am jealous of the person who invented it for coming up with such a great idea. This is 32″ long so you can have multiple kids building on it and it’s dual sided for Duplo and Lego.
  4. Minifigure Collector’s Box We saw this at Legoland and I thought it was just the cutest thing ever! Not only can you carry around and display all of your beloved minifigures, but it keeps them organized- that’s amazing!
  5. Lego Super Heroes Character Encyclopedia My son can look at this book over and over again. He loves talking about all of the figures and picking the ones he wants to get next.
  6. Carrying Case This is case is genius. It’s perfect if you travel a lot but would also be really convenient when you’re headed out to somewhere your Lego fan needs entertaining. 
  7. Lego City Blanket I love a good blanket and this is great for a bed or simply cuddling up to read all of your Lego books or watching Lego movies,
  8. Minifigure Mash-Up Sticker Book Who doesn’t love stickers? And Lego stickers that make minifigures? It might not get any better than this!
  9. Build on Mug What a fun way to start your day- with a drink and building with Lego. You’ll probably want to build before you pour your drink, otherwise you’ll end up with a not-so-awesome mess.
  10. Emmet Alarm Clock How will you know it’s time to start another awesome day? With this super cute alarm clock! There are quite a few options for Lego alarm clocks, so pick the one that best suits your Lego Fan.

There are so many amazing options when it comes to gifts for anyone who loves Lego, but these are some of my faves.


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What are your favorite non-brick gifts for Lego Fans?

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