Meet Sara

Sara Robinson is the creator of Get Mom Balanced; Helping busy moms create balance and develop the mental skills needed to survive and thrive in motherhood.

I’ve always known that a typical 9-5 job wouldn’t work for me. I wanted a career that was rewarding but also gave the flexibility to be around quite a bit to raise the kids I hoped we would have one day. When I found the field of Sport Psychology, I knew that I had found a career that would be enjoyable while giving me time for family and fun.

In 2012, six years after receiving my MA in Sport Psychology and working as a Mental Skills Coach, teacher, and writer I became a mom for the first time. It was at that point that I really learned how hard it is to juggle everything that comes with the job title of Mom. When my first son was about a year and a half I had the idea to combine forces with some of my professional mom-friends to create a support network for other moms, especially those trying to balance all of the aspects of their busy lives. As moms are known to do, I forgot about this idea. It wasn’t for another two years, and after our second son was born in 2015 that this idea evolved into Get Mom Balanced.

I am so excited that this idea has finally come to life and hope that you enjoy what we are creating. We hope to help support moms seeking balance and support for the challenges of mom life. If you want to work with me on your mom mental skills, or hire me as a writer or speaker, check out the services I offer. In addition to writing for the site and freelancing, I continue to teach Sport Psychology to Master’s Students and work with athletes to help them develop mental skills for sport and life (learn more about my current mental skills work at

You can find also find my writing on Reality Moms, A Fine Parent, SportingKid Live, Huffington Post, and in print for Inside Cheerleading, Inside Dance, CheerBiz News and Coaches Resource Guide.