At-Home Date Ideas for Every Couple

By Melissa Castan, Blogger

I learned pretty quickly that bringing home a baby can take a bit of a toll on the relationship with your significant other. I found with my husband that we needed to find a way to turn off mom and dad sometimes and just be Melissa and Dan.

Although it is nice to get out of the house and go on a date, it’s not always possible. Here are several at-home date ideas for every type of couple to do once baby is asleep!

    1. The outdoorsy couple: Have you seen the Skyview App? Available in Google Play and the iTunes, this app shows the constellations and planets across the sky. Grab a glass of wine, your phone and, of course, the baby monitor, and go out to the backyard and lay out on a blanket under the stars. If you have a fire pit, or even a grill, you could make s’mores.
    2. The nerdy couple: Jump on the Pokémon Go craze (as if you’re not already) and catch some Pokémon in your neighborhood. Most neighborhoods or densely populated areas have plenty of Pokémon around and baby monitors these days can reach a fairly good distance.

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    3. The foodie couple: Make dinner together. Here is one of our favorite pizza recipes. It doesn’t take long to make, tastes delicious with a glass of wine and, if you are looking for some extra romance, you could even feed each other.
    4. The party animals: Long gone are the days where you can stay up all night partying, but why not make some craft cocktails, pop some popcorn and enjoy a movie. Google Play often has new movies at a reasonable price, or there is Netflix or Amazon Prime if you belong to those services. Think of it as a grown-up party.
    5. The adventurous couple: If you are a couple that is into adventure, sign up for a monthly subscription box. There are several options to choose from including Date Box, Crated with Love and Date to Door. Signing up for a subscription box ensures that you will have at least one fun date night at home per month to look forward too!
    6. The active couple: If you both love to work out, why not cut the gym membership and do it at home after baby is asleep. There are tons of apps now that make working out a home super easy, like Daily Burn. Not ready to cut the gym? Break out the Wii U and get a cardio workout while having fun with Just Dance or Wii U Fit?

Making time to be a couple does not have to take a huge amount of planning or effort, but it is important to do! What do you enjoy doing as a couple?

Melissa Castan shares at home date ideas.I’m Melissa! I am a mama to my little baby boy Aiden Milo (born November 2015), and a police wife to my husband Dan. We live in Northern Virginia. I work full time as a meeting planner for two non-profits, one of which is international, so I travel several times a year.

When we brought Aiden home we were smacked with a huge dose of reality, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. I now share my experiences and adventures of being a first time mama on my blog to hopefully help other first time moms. Find me on Instagram: @Ltlmissmeliss, Twitter: @Castononboard , and Facebook.


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  • This made me smile! Love the different “kinds” of couples–and I could not agree more, date nights at home are sometimes the only dates one can afford, but oh so important!

    • Hi Rachel, I am so glad you liked it. It really is so important, but often the first thing forgotten.

  • I love this! It is so hard to go out when you have a little at home. I love the idea of trying to make it as “date like” as possible. We are the foodie couple, so we will be checking out that pizza recipe…with some wine!

    • Hi Brittany, that pizza recipe is amazing! Cooking at home is one of the easiest at home dates.

  • This is great! I didn’t know about these subscription boxes! I will definitely be looking into them!

    • Hi Kemi, yes, it seems there is a box for everything these days 🙂 I love getting a little surprise every month just for me and the hubs to enjoy.