8 Creative Ways to Get your Fitness Back on Track

By Heather Ortega, Beachbody Fitness Coach

Moms have A LOT going on every day. Sometimes we’re cruising along, feeling good, getting things accomplished, and knocking out workouts. But then something comes along, messes up our groove & we end up all out of whack.

This is especially normal a couple of months into the new year. Maybe you started off with good intentions, positive habits, and lots of motivation. But health and workout funks happen & it’s easy to let them suck you in! Here’s some ideas to help perk you up and get back to your fabulous self in no time!

Start with feeling good in your skin!

1) Most of us feel better once we’ve relaxed and rejuvenated ourselves. Try soaking in a yummy scented bubble bath. No rushing, multi-tasking or feeling guilty about 10 other things you should be doing. Slow down & give yourself time to mentally & physically get yourself in a good place again.

2) Take care of yourself head to toe: Pop on a hair & face mask for dry winter locks & skin. It’s important to remember to take care of your total-body.

3) Perk up pale skin with some self-tanner. I love to mix in a rich yummy scented lotion with it. Somehow I think I have better workouts when my skin has some color to it 😉

4) Put something on that makes you feel sexy! It’s good to get out of those favorite ol’ pajama’s! I betcha someone else will like the way you look too!

5) Pop a bright color on your nails & lips – even if you’re not going anywhere! Having those pops of color can help to brighten your mood.

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After you’re all pepped up & feeling pretty, here are ways to make sure you stay out of your funk and get back on track:

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6) Be sure to get dressed first thing in the morning. It’ll boost your mood instantly! Don’t hang around in a big comfy robe or PJ’s — they make you LAZY! Having clothes you love, or even great workout clothes will help get you motivated and back on track.

7) Get Moving! Go for a jog in the sunshine, ride your bike, attend a favorite class or push play on a home workout. Once you get moving again you’ll love the feeling and more likely to do it again the next day…getting yourself back on track! Think about heading to the park to sneak in a workout. Read more about how to do that in this post.

8) Surround yourself with positivity & support. “Like” & follow fitness pages, healthy recipes, trainers, coaches & other fitness minded friends. I lead Beachbody Challenge Groups, which are a great way to stay motivated. Surrounding yourself with these kinds of things in your social media feeds will keep you in constant contact with health & fitness and more likely to stay on track.

Give these ideas a try to get out of a funk, or even to help you stay out of one. Let us know what you’ve tried and how you’re feeling, or share your favorite way to get out of a funk.

Heather Ortega is a Beach Body Coach who shares fitness and wellness tips to help you achieve your goals.Heather Ortega

Beachbody Fitness Coach

Mama of a tween & a preschooler, Wifey to a national recording artist & Fitness Coach with Beachbody, juggling it all day by day to be the best version of me & inspire others. Motivating Moms is my passion. 

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