Balancing Food Preferences in Family of Picky Eaters #FuelYourAwesome

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I have a sweet tooth, and often eat like an unhealthy child. As in, I’d love to start my day with a donut and some hot chocolate. I’d then like to have a candy snack before moving onto lunch which would probably be something simple like a grilled cheese. An afternoon cookie would be great. Then I’d probably have cheese pizza for dinner and more candy or ice cream for dessert.

Did you notice what’s missing in there? Pretty much anything healthy, and specifically fruits and vegetables. Which is ironic, because I’m a vegetarian(ish).

About 20 years ago I stopped eating meat. I still eat seafood and animal products like eggs and dairy, but nothing with a face that walks on land. Many people can’t understand the choice. I made it because I’m sensitive. I think too much about the animal I’m eating and I just can’t do it. To me, it’s like eating a cat. (Gross to think about right?! Sorry!).

But what’s also odd to people is that I don’t mind that other people eat meat. I do hope that people are eating meat that is high quality and treated well, but I accept that people eat animals. I’m fine with their personal choices.

I gave up meat and there’s been no looking back. My husband is definitely not a vegetarian and he openly hoped that I would crave meat with each of my two pregnancies. No luck!

However, even though I’m a vegetarian (yes, pescetarian is more accurate, but vegetarian is how I identify), I haven’t always made the healthiest of choices. Because I’m also picky. And I love candy. And I don’t like to cook.

As I moved into my mid-30s I realized that not only do I need to set a better example to my kids, but I need to take better care of myself. And we need to feed four very different people: My husband and I who have very different dietary preferences plus our two kids (one who is picky like me and also loves sugar and the other who will eat anything).

This is where the Bulletproof Diet has been great for my family. If you’re not familiar, check out Dave Asprey’s The Bulletproof Cookbook and his bestseller The Bulletproof Diet. You may have heard about Bulletproof Coffee, which is amazing if you’re a coffee-lover.

My husband loves that a huge part of the Bulletproof diet is high-quality meat. He’s been very particular about organic, free-range, grass-fed, non-GMO for quite a while. But what’s great about what Bulletproof promotes is that another way you can get protein is through wild-caught seafood. This works for me because I’m willing to eat fish. In fact, if you eat seafood, you will love this cookbook because there are so many seafood recipes.

Bulletproof cookbook | vegetarian options

I also love that the cookbook provides so many options for cooking and eating veggies so if you’re an actual vegetarian, there are great options. My favorites so far have ben the artichokes with dill and mint (I LOVE dill!), curried cauliflower steak, and zucchini with pesto. But what I love the most is that I can still fulfill my need for sugar (Yes, I have a need for sugar). The diet allows you to include things like smoothies, Bulletproof hot chocolate, and strawberry semifreddo. And, there’s Bulletproof chocolate that is so good. I’m a happy camper when I can have my sugar.

BulletproofMy hubby doesn’t have a huge sweet tooth, but he is a bit of a foodie and he’s really enjoyed the variety of dishes and the fact that they taste good. He also gets very busy so the Lemon Cookie Collagen Protein Bars and Vanilla Shortbread Protein bites go with him to work.

The fact that we’re cooking healthier meals with veggies is also great for our kids. Though the picky one doesn’t necessarily try everything, at least we’re making veggies and healthy choices available. This is a good start and maybe at some point he’ll start to be more adventurous with his eating. I like to remind him there was a time where he didn’t like ice cream, but he was willing to try it and now loves it.

If you’re someone who doesn’t eat any meat, then you might have a harder time with the diet, but Bulletproof understands that everyone makes their own choices; check out this post for more ideas about how vegetarians can eat the Bulletproof Diet.

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