I’m a Blogger

When people ask what I do, I have a hard time answering the question.

Can you relate?

I know what I do, but people don’t necessarily “get” it.

I start off with. “I work in a field called Sport Psychology. I’m a Mental Skills Coach and help athletes with things like confidence and nerves.”

I usually get head nods. Then I add:

I also teach in a Sport Psychology Program.”

People usually look impressed. Then:

I also write. I’m a freelance writer…

They start to look a little less certain. This is where I sometimes stop, because if they question freelance writing as an actual career, then they probably won’t get blogging. So I don’t always tell them the truth:

I’m a blogger.”

I know I’m not the only blogger who has people give them blank stares when they say this. Or people respond with “Oh” and a quick change of subject.

So sometimes I just leave it out. Because I don’t feel like dealing with people’s questioning (or concerned) looks, like: “Is that an actual job? And are you sure it’s not just a hobby?”

Listen- my blog isn’t a huge money-maker (yet), but I have made some money. And let me tell, you: It. Is. Work. A ton of work in fact. If you’re thinking about starting a blog and have stumbled on this post, and you only take away one point: it is that blogging is SO MUCH work if you actually want to be a blogger and have even a remote chance of success.

And it doesn’t matter if you define your success as having fans or making money: chances are you blog because you feel you have something to share of value. Without hustling and working hard, success is not likely to happen for bloggers. I’ve met so many women who are working so hard day in and day out with their fingers crossed that it all is “worth it” and that their blog is successful.

It’s almost as if I feel like my blog needs to be “successful” before I start telling people “I’m a blogger.” But again, how are we looking at success?

When I take a look at it objectively, I do feel successful:

  • I know that people are reading my blog
  • I get feedback from readers that my posts are helpful
  • I’ve been accepted for several campaigns that pay REAL money
  • My blog has led to other paid writing opportunities

All of that is amazing and yet to others it may not seem like I’m successful.


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Because I’m not a household name? People don’t reference my blog like they do Scary Mommy? Who cares? Honestly, I don’t think I want to be that “known.”

Do I not seem successful because I’m making six-figures like many bloggers claim they do? (I’m not saying they don’t, but you probably have to spend a lot of time and money to get to that point). Would I be mad if I made that much? Heck no! But that’s a while off for me (if ever).

Am I not successful to you because my job sounds like a hobby? Listen- there are professional golfers and there are hobby golfers. I’m working toward my pro card, thank you very much.

I think we need to stop letting others define our success and be proud of who we are and what we do. I’m a blogger. I’m an influencer. I’m a freelance writer. I put that on my new business card. And I’m proud!

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  • I pwrdonally think if your work is your hobby and your hobby makes money then you have found the dream! Working on that hehe

  • As part of a group of moms who just started blogging. Thank you. This is real, and in the little time we have spent blogging…yes, it has been work, but we enjoy it!

  • I can so relate to this. I feel more legitimate since the local university approved an intern for me! I get a real intern that gets real college credit for learning how to blog from me! It’s a very validating experience.

  • You should be proud. This is a great blog, you write well and this blog makes a mum’s day better on a tough day. Having said that: I totally get blank looks sent my way too 🙂