Taking Time for Blogging Education at #Mom2Summit

Back in December, I saw that Mom2.0 Summit was running a giveaway for a pair of tickets to their annual (amazing) conference for bloggers and influencers. Ever the optimist (or really, someone who loves a contest and figures, hey, someone’s going to win), I decided to enter. The contest allowed you to name another blogger for a ticket so I added the name of the amazing Carolina King, blogger at Mama Instincts. She had been kind enough to help me on a few occasions and I wanted to show her I appreciated her by entering her name along with mine.

You probably know where this is going.

We won. We actually won!! And tonight I am getting on a plane, leaving my two kids for the first time EVER and heading to a professional conference with 800 other amazing people. At The Ritz in Orlando. I can’t even believe this is happening. Pinch me!

When I launched this blog a year ago, I had read a lot, researched a ton, and asked a lot of questions. I also flew by the seat of my pants and continue to figure things out as I go. As fun as that is, education and learning from others is also hugely important. In my career in Sport Psychology, I’ve attended professional conferences and I’ve always walked away with knowledge, connections, and excitement.

I am confident that I will walk away with all of that and more from Mom2.0.

My original goal was to attend a blogging conference in 2018. It felt like by that time, my blog would be more of a business, and I could justify taking the time (and money) to invest in an experience like this. Well, the world had other ideas and my timeline has sped up a bit.

Whatever your focus or your career, education is an important part of it. So is connection. Professional conferences give you both. They also tend to inspire and motivate. A year into blogging, I’m ready for that!

As a woman and a mom, I am also looking forward to time away. I love my family, but I am with my children a lot, and this mama needs a break! Mom guilt is real, but I’m leaving any of that behind, and I’d encourage you to do the same when you have an opportunity of this kind. When we fuel our minds and bodies, we become better versions of ourselves and better able to care for and be present with those we love.

Mom2.0 Summit is only once a year, but there are conferences and summits in-person and online all year long. Do some research and find one that might be a good fit for you!

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