How to Boost Your Momfidence…Part 2

Not long ago we talked about your mom-confidence, or your “momfidence,” which is your belief in yourself as a mom. It’s important to know that your momfidence can change as quickly as the weather, or your kid’s mood. Part of this is because momfidence and general confidence are connected heavily to the way we think. Check out Momfidence Part 1 for ideas on how to take more control of your thinking so that your thoughts build rather than break your momfidence. However, positive and appropriate thinking aren’t the only ways to build your momfidence. It’s important to have various strategies to build your momfidence so that you know how to get it back if it seems lost or low.

One of the biggest ways to improve our self-efficacy (situation-specific self-confidence) is to have performance accomplishments. You’re probably wonder what exactly that means. For moms, it means that we use our “performances” as moms to help create or maintain the belief that we are awesome. More specifically, we can reflect back on past performance accomplishments as a mom to help boost our current levels of momfidence. But what is a performance accomplishment? Good news, it can be just about anything! It’s those moments as a mom where you feel like you nailed it, when you were there for your kids or your family, the times your kids keep talking about, and the things you do that make you uniquely fabulous. It’s really easy to lose sight of these when we’re in the normal day-to-day of being a mom. And unfortunately we often create a habit of paying attention to what isn’t going well rather than what is.

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So when your momfidence is low:

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    Think back on all the times you rocked! Better yet, write them down (or make list in your phone). Read this over when you need a momfidence boost. Add to your list when you have new performance accomplishments. And remember, I’m not talking about winning some big mommy-contest or having a huge mom-success…I’m talking about the normal life moments that easily get overlooked. When you put those together it becomes really easy to see that you do deserve to have confidence in yourself.

  • If reflection back on your mommy highlights doesn’t give enough of a boost, or if you don’t have many mommy moments to pull from yet, think about creating a current performance accomplishment to get your momfidence flowing. Create an opportunity for yourself to excel. For example, if you love to bake and your family appreciates these treats, make the time for it and enjoy the smiles and positivity you get from your family. If one-on-one time with your kids helps you feel great, carve out that time and get help with any other responsibilities so that you can focus on this as a priority.
  • You can also relive these wonderful mom-moments to further boost confidence. Take the time to close your eyes, and re-experience those fantastic mom moments, or use your imagination to create the great moments you want to have. Your mind is a powerful tool and by taking the time to imagine past and future moments, we can further boost our momfidence.

Remember that momfidence may come and go, but it is something that you can gain control over. So, when you need a boost, that the time find or create mom performance accomplishments and enjoy that momfidence rise! Remember to check out Part 1 of Boost your Momfidence.

What brings you momfidence? What do you do when it’s low?

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