Friday Fave: Zuru Bunch O Balloons

When I first saw a commercial for water balloons that allow you to fill up 30 in 60 seconds without having to tie them, I thought, “Well that’s cool. But I can do it the old-fashioned way.” I’m someone who likes to save money where I can and decided I’d much rather spend only a few dollars and have to fill up the balloons myself. Yes, the Bunch O Balloons pretty much do everything for you except throw themselves, but still, I wasn’t sold.

Last summer we started off with the “usual” water balloons…my son didn’t know any different and yes, it was annoying to try to fill each one, make a mess, deal with tying them, but come on- this is how it’s been done for years! We didn’t need the fancy balloons! Well, my hubby and I have different approaches to a lot of things, one of which is convenience. I’m all for it but when I can do it myself, I’m really hesitant to pay for it. My hubby, however, is a problem-solver and likes to get things done. So when he saw these balloons, of course he bought them. And then of course I rolled my eyes and said it was a waste of money.

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Fast forward to about 2 minutes later when we were having the best water balloon fight and making slo-mo videos tossing water balloons into the air. . .I was sold! The convenience and speed really was amazing. I will absolutely say that this is an unnecessary purchase for sure. The old fashioned way of making water balloons definitely works too. Given the cost, I am less likely to say “yes” to water balloons all the time; you make them quickly, you use them quickly and then you may find yourself purchasing them quickly too! Amazon does offer a jumbo pack which seems to be on sale often, or you might find them locally and on sale. If you do find a deal, grab them and then hide some from your kids!

Water balloons are often a staple of kids’ summer fun and Zuru definitely kicked it up a notch! We’ll be playing with these all summer (and probably into the fall too!).


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