The Captain Underpants Book Series

Though the Captain Underpants books are supposed to be for 2nd-5th grade, my 4-year-old loves them. Before you judge the title, and that I’m letting my little guy “read” them, hear me out. We were introduced to the first book in the series: The Adventures of Captain Underpants by Grandma and Papa. They were a little hesitant since E is so young, but I read a few pages and figured he’d get a kick out of them. We already read him stories that are a bit mature and I liked the idea of introducing him to chapter books, so we went for it.

The Captain Underpants series definitely is a bit “more mature” reading for us, though I’m not sure that talking toilets and a principal in his underwear can be considered “mature!” The books have pictures to keep my little guy engaged, stories that are fairly easy for him to follow, and though the content is sometimes over his head, that’s okay! It’s fun to see him react to the silliness in the stories and to talk about what’s happening.

What’s also great about these books is that the chapters are short, so they are perfect reading for before bed. Each chapter is entertaining on its own and gives a natural point to wrap up before we read again. The book is entertaining for kids and parents, which is great because let’s face it, reading is important and is often enjoyable, but it can get boring with some of the books that kids love. I’m much more likely to read when I find the books entertaining too.

It’s easy to get into the habit of reading books that are perfect for your kids age, but we’ve discovered that “reading up” has opened up great doors to new books that we all love. The Captain Underpants series may not be for everyone, as it really is “toilet humor” but I think there are many younger kids who would enjoy reading these. However, be prepared that if you read the first book, you may be on the hook to get the next in the series, and the next, and then the next. Your local library may have them, which is a great option for book lovers.

We’ve really enjoyed the Captain Underpants series and look forward to reading what’s next!

What book series do your little kids love?


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