Controlling Laundry Chaos with neatfreak!

Thank you to neatfreak! for sending me a laundry sorter to try. All opinions are my own!

I don’t mind doing laundry. Really. I’ll sort it, wash it, and even remember to put it in the dryer (most of the time) without complaining.

But I hate folding the laundry and putting it away. It always feels like such an overwhelming process. I end up with piles and baskets full of clean, wrinkled laundry and get annoyed with myself that I’ve let the laundry get the best of me AGAIN.

It’s funny how laundry can affect the way I feel about other parts of life. If my laundry isn’t done, it’s easy to feel annoyed and frustrated. Or, if I leave the wet laundry in the washing machine overnight (or longer…) it can really make me feel like I forgot something so important and starts to weigh on me.

Which is just so ridiculous. Because it’s just laundry.

But I’m guessing I’m not the only one who feels this way!

I’m always impressed when I go to people’s homes and I don’t see laundry everywhere (though I question where they stashed it before we showed up!). And I love when I go to a friend’s house and I do see laundry because I know 1) She’s like me and 2) We’re good enough friends that she’ll let her laundry be on full display.

I’ve tried different methods to get our laundry under control (and we’re only 4 people so I can’t imagine how out of control it could get for bigger families). I’ve tried pre-sorting, doing one load a day, enlisting help from the family- it all seems to work for a while and then we end up back into our old habits.

I had this idea in my head that if I had multiple laundry baskets and pre-sorted it all, that this would help the problem. But what happened in reality is that is we’d end up with three full baskets that weren’t sorted and left me feeling overwhelmed because I still had A LOT of laundry to do.

When I saw the triple sorter by neatfreak! I knew it was a product I had to have. I felt like it was going to make my life better. Which seems so silly to say about a laundry sorting system, but do you ever see things that you just know will help life be easier? For me, this is one of those products. Here’s what I think about the Triple Sorter with Ironing Board:

Control the laundry chaos with this awesome triple sorter by neatfreak!
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    • It’s easy to put together. My 4yo enjoyed helping me and it took about 20 minutes to get it set up.
    • It looks good- the grey fabric bags look great in our room and I love that it looks so much nicer than my previous set up of plastic laundry baskets.
    • There’s an ironing board on top. I’ll admit- we use this as a holding station for my husband’s work clothes. But now, the dresser isn’t covered so this makes me SO HAPPY. For other people who actually iron, this is a great set-up.
    • The laundry baskets themselves look small but they’re roomier than you think. I actually like that they’re smaller than normal baskets because this is helping me keep on top of the laundry.
    • The set-up is on wheels. We don’t need this feature and I’ve considered taking them off but depending on your needs you might love that you can move it around.
    • It’s fairly compact so if you live in a small space, this is ideal.
    • The bags are fabric which makes them flop when they’re not in the actual sorter, so I use my old baskets to carry the laundry back in for folding and putting away. It’s so much easier to get through this part of the process now.

Is this laundry basket system going to change my life? Probably not entirely, but I do think it’s helping me be organized, keep on top of the laundry (which is huge!), and it helps our room look nicer and more put together. All of those things make me very happy and are helping me feel more in control of the house and the chores. Finally I’m able to control the laundry chaos.


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