Off the Grid Food Trucks

One evening we decided we wanted to go out to dinner as a family. We have a 4yo and a 10mo old and while they’re pretty well-behaved in restaurants, it’s always a gamble if it’s going to work out well. And, as you parents know, you have to be selective about the type of place you go out to eat at, as that ups your chances for success.

We like to try to change up where we go, but with kids, that can be more of a challenge. My hubby is also a bit of a foodie, and the family-friendly restaurants tend to have more traditional options for meals. I remembered that we had wanted to try to go to an Off the Grid Food Truck event and we were in luck that it was the right day for the one near us!

If you haven’t eaten from food trucks before, it’s a pretty awesome experience. And Off the Grid brings together a variety of food trucks to eat from. We got to the event early so we were able to park close and there were no lines. It was fun to pick what we wanted to eat from the 8 different trucks. I had a crab roll and my hubby had a lobster roll. The boys ate fries and mozzarella sticks (I know, not the healthiest of dinners!). E and I had giant donuts for dessert and my hubby, not being a “typical” dessert guy went to the Jamaican truck for some jerk chicken.

We got to sit outside and listen to live music- it was so fun! The only drawback was that there were no tables- only chairs. This works fine for grown-ups but was a little hard for E. There also wasn’t much for our picky 4yo so if we go again, I’ll probably bring some food from home just in case. But for the grown-ups, the food was delicious and there were a variety of options that you’re really not going to find at just one restaurant.

If you have kids, a food truck event, like the one hosted by Off the Grid is a great choice. Kids can move around, be loud, and enjoy the fresh air. And it’s a great way to introduce kids to different types of cuisine (assuming they’re less picky than my guy). If you go with the kiddos, it’s probably a good idea to go earlier in the evening so you don’t have to deal with lines and crowds. Overall, we had a great time and we would definitely go back!

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