The Foolproof Kids Birthday Gift

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How many birthdays have you been to recently? If you have children, especially school-age, you’ve probably been to a lot. Maybe more than you’d prefer. Birthday parties for kids have the potential to be very enjoyable but they can also cause stress (am I the only one who feels this way?!)
When I see the invitation, my first thought after “Will this conflict with my little one’s nap?” is “What are we going to get them?”

What should I buy the birthday kid?

I often stress over what to buy for the birthday child because we don’t always know the family well, so I don’t know what the child likes or doesn’t like, or even what types of gifts are acceptable and preferred. For example, I don’t buy toys with guns because those aren’t the types of toys I would want and I don’t think they’re appropriate for kids, so I might choose an age-appropriate toy. But then some families might prefer no toys at all. So I’ll often buy art supplies or a craft set as gifts but sometimes people find that messy or art isn’t their “thing” and the supplies might go unused.
Though I know it’s fine to give a gift that you think the receiver will enjoy, I’d prefer to give a gift that I feel confident in. Having a foolproof birthday gift seems impossible, but I think I found it.

What’s the foolproof kids birthday gift?

Books! But not just any books because it’s almost impossible to know what the birthday child already has in their personal library. I was so excited to discover Bookroo because it solved my gift-buying challenges. Bookroo is a subscription box of books for kids and you can purchase one box (or several) as a gift. They do board books for younger kids and story books for the older kids.
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Part of what I loved is that in our first three months, we got beautifully written board books that we didn’t have and I hadn’t heard of. I loved that one was written by the illustrator of some of our favorite books (Felicia Bond of the If you Give a Mouse a Cookie books). I didn’t even know she wrote books in addition to being an illustrator. It was such a fun surprise and has similar characters and feel to the books we know, but is still so unique.
Bookroo works with a panel or parents to select books that have strong characters, strong stories, and that you probably won’t be familiar with. I also love that though the box was meant for our 18mo old that our 4yo is loving the stories too.
Giving the gift of reading is always a great idea as it promotes learning, discussion, creativity, and more. It can be a challenge buying books because you don’t know what kids already have in their library and Bookroo knows this. They also allow subscribers to switch out their book if they get something they already have at home, which is also nice to know when you’re giving a gift.
If you purchase a subscription, the books come beautifully wrapped so that each time the child feels that they’re receiving a gift. If you’d like to check out Bookroo for your child or for the next birthday party you attend, use code NATHROBI at checkout for a $10 credit for you (and a $10 credit for me!).
Foolproof birthday gift for kids | Gift of reading | Subscription box for kids | Reading ideas for kids | Bookroo Review
Ready to check out Bookroo? (Don’t forget to use code NATHROBI at checkout!)
Happy reading and happy gifting!

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