Self-care Delivered to You with Caring Crate

Caring crate is a subscription that you can send to those you love; it's all about self-care.
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I learned about Caring Crate through my head first dive into social media when I launched this blog. One of the best things so far about being a blogger is the people and companies I’ve been able to connect with. Caring Crate is a subscription service that is focused on providing high-quality gift boxes with items that promote health and wellness. You may be thinking that this sounds like many of the other box subscriptions that are out right now, but what’s so great about Caring Crate is that the focus is on supporting those with mental health issues or chronic illness. If you know someone struggling or suffering, then Caring Crate is sure to brighten their day. You can ship one box or do a subscription of 3 or 6 months. The company is based on Canada and currently ships to Canada and the US.

I was also fortunate enough to write a guest post for them on quick and effective self-care. Check it out- we can all benefit from self-care!

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