Why the Library is a Must for Moms

Every Friday we share one of our faves: something that makes life easier, more enjoyable, enhances your family life, or helps to create more balance.

I think the library may be one of the most under-utilized resources that parents have access to. We love going and can spend quite a while looking at books, talking to the people we meet, and using the free resources like computers and games.

Aside from having access to so many amazing books and movies that we would never buy on our own, the library allows for lessons to be learned:

  • Checking out these items teaches kids responsibility and time management by borrowing, taking care of, and returning what has been loaned to them.
  • Kids learn consequences: if they don’t return items on time or damage them while their checked out to you, you’ll be paying a fine.
  • There are standards of behavior that are expected at the library such as being quiet and using soft voices.
  • My son has learned the process of checking out and checking in books through the self-serve system.
  • You’re helping your kids develop an interest in, and appreciation of, reading and learning.

I know that every city is different, and will have its own variety of resources, but let me tell you why we also love the library:

  • Our library has free events such as story time and guest performances a couple of times a month.
  • There is a children’s section, which means it’s okay if your kids are a bit noisy. Ours has lots of kid-friendly books, puzzles and a few activity cubes. Both my preschooler and crawler love it there.
  • The county has a program called “Discover and Go” which allows us to visit local museums and other sites for free or for a discount. This allows us to experience different locations while staying within a budget.
  • Going to the library is an event on its own and if we need an activity to do, the library is always a great option.
  • We can use the county’s library website to search for books and have them delivered to our local branch which is extremely convenient! Our most recent requests included books on Lego design.
  • The library is also a great place to go if I need to get a bit of work done; the kiddos hang out in a safe and engaging place where I can keep an eye on them, and I can be productive.

If you haven’t checked out your local library (did you catch that pun??) I really encourage you to do it. Look into the services and activities that they offer and take advantage of it all!

What’s your favorite part about the library?

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