A Day out with Minor League Baseball

Here’s a confession: I’m not really into sports. Which is ironic, seeing as how I have a degree in Sport Psychology! (It’s the psychology side that really intrigues me). I have teams I “support” (as in, my hubby is a fan), but I’m generally clueless about what’s going on.

But, one thing that has always been true for me is that I enjoy watching sport LIVE. As in, there, where the sport is happening live, not “on TV” live. I enjoy watching what I want to rather than what the camera man shows me; I like feeling the energy of the game and the fans. The whole experience when you’re there is just fun- even if you’re a casual fan.

We knew that at some point we wanted to take E. to a baseball game because he watches on TV with my hubby. Taking him to the SF Giants stadium sounded fun in theory, but it felt like a lot of work, and possibly a waste of money if we got there and E wasn’t into it. So we decided to check out the Giants’ organization’s minor league team, the San Jose (SJ) Giants. They have a stadium about 45 miles from where we live.

Let me tell you: best decision ever!

Aside from it being miserably hot (95 degrees, and I was wearing N in an Ergo!) we had a great time! The stadium is small and great seats just to the right of home plate were $18 each! There were activities for E to do like bouncy slides, and in between innings they ran contests like water balloon tosses so E was thoroughly entertained. You can also get really close to the players and the field; these guys are amazing players and it’s great to watch. It’s fun to think that you could be watching the next major league player.

I also have to give a huge shout out to the SJ Giants for being so family-friendly. My 10mo old N, needed to nurse, and I wasn’t quite sure where I’d go. The entire SJ Giants stadium is pretty much uncovered and there didn’t seem to be a space that was occupied by fewer people. Though I’m okay discreetly nursing in public, it was hot and not many obvious options. I had seen two female employees at the stadium and figured I’d ask them if they had a recommendation for where I might be able to go. While I would have been happy with an out of the way (shaded) spot, Sarah and Juliana (who, as it turns out is the Senior VP of Communications & Chief Marketing Officer!) invited me into an air conditioned office. I was so appreciative that they would allow me to use their personal space for such personal needs. Any organization that supports families and moms in that way gets a HUGE thumbs up from me! I would imagine that you’d find similarly friendly and hospitable people within your local minor league organization as well.

We ended up leaving after 7 innings because it was SO hot, but if it had been a cooler day, I know we would have lasted longer. This outing was a huge hit for the whole family and we will definitely go back! If you’ve been wanting to take your kiddo to a sporting event but aren’t quite ready for the “big leagues,” check out other options like minor league teams- we had a great time!

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