Why the Starbucks Mobile App is amazing

Okay, I feel a little silly sharing about the Starbucks Mobile App as my Friday Fave. But seriously? I love it. I can order my chai tea from home and when I get to Starbucks and walk in, it’s ready for me. I love walking right up and people in line kind of go “Huh? How’d she do that?” Aside from feeling pretty cool, the ability to order ahead and then get in and get out is seriously helpful as a mom. I don’t have to wait in line, I don’t have to pass the cake pops, juice, and other things that my older son wants- I grab my drink and go.

Starbucks Mobile App is a must for moms
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I’ve also found it really useful when I go to Starbucks to work, or on a whim and the line is REALLY long. I just order on my phone, hang out, and get my drink before all of the people in front of me have even ordered. I did this not too long ago when I went there to get some work done and I saw a mom walk in, stand in line for about 30 seconds and then walk out with her son saying “The line is too long.” I wanted to yell after her “Use the mobile app!!” I actually felt bad afterward for not saying anything- like I knew this great secret and kept it to myself. So, now I’m spreading the word.

With the app, you can link up your registered Starbucks card, earn stars on purchases and then eventually earn free drinks and food. It’s pretty awesome and makes me feel better about my regular visits when I know I’m working toward my freebie.

The only drawback? I use it way too often. In an attempt to be more budget-conscious, I had cut back on Starbucks and now that it’s so easy to get using the mobile app, I’m back to my habitual ways. Oh well- hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

(And by the way, I get no compensation from Starbucks to share about this…though I wish I did!)

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