Koala Crate: A Subscription Box for Kids

Koala Crate makes a fantastic gift for kids. Referral link included for a discount. Click to read more or pin and save for later!
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Koala Crate is a subscription service (though you can purchase one box at a time) for kids ages 3-4. Each box contains crafts, activities, and information to help kids create and explore. Each box has a theme such as artist, color and rainforest. I’m not sure who loves Koala Crates more: me or my almost 4-year old. We have a monthly subscription so each month he gets a box delivered: this month’s theme was “playground” and they always have activities and ideas that keep him busy and engaged. We gave a 3-month subscription as a gift recently and the birthday girl loves it. They also have boxes for kids of older ages as well. This is a fun If you want to check it out, use this code for $10 off (Full disclosure, I’d get a $10 credit too). http://koala.kiwicrate.com/Refer?i=SaraR49

Koala Crate is great because there are activities to complete, ways for parents to get involved, ask questions, and further the kids’ learning. The activities are fun in the moment, but also are often items that the kids can play with later on. My son loves bringing out his older Koala Crates and checking out what he made. He definitely looks forward to his Koala Crate every month; the hardest part for him is waiting the full month until the next one arrives!

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