Quick & Healthy Dinner with Jules Pizza

I am not someone who cooks (well). My version of cooking usually includes heating things up, or mixing together. I’ve mastered a few simple dishes and we tend to stick to those. But sometimes- I don’t want to “cook.”

If I’m being honest, I never want to cook. But, I do it because that’s part of my job of being a mom and I’m the adult who is home most nights at dinner time. The kiddos do need to eat! I try my best to “cook” at home most nights of the week but sometimes it’s nice to not have to do it. So- we go out.

Eating out is super convenient and often very tasty. However, as a parent, there are challenges to this because eating out as a family of four can get very expensive. Also, we have two kids and if they’re not in the mood to sit down for very long, eating out can turn into a stressful experience. BUT- there are times were I JUST. DON’T. WANT. TO. MAKE. DINNER. Am I the only one who feels that way?

As a mom, finding a place where my family can get a healthy, quick, and inexpensive meal is like searching for a needle in a haystack. I was so excited when I have one of those needles about two miles from my house: Jules Thin Crust Pizza.

Jules pizza is not like any other pizza I’ve had before- their focus is on healthy, organic food and was created with family in mind. When you walk in, there are typically at least a dozen options already made. Meat eaters and vegetarians (like myself) will have a variety of options. You choose which slices you want, they run them through the oven, and in several minutes your order is ready. As a parent, that is a gift.

Jules has an awesome menu that includes salads as well. You can order by the slice in the restaurant or order a full pizza to go. My favorite is the Veggie #10, which is homemade pesto, locally produced goat cheese, fresh mozzarella, caramelized onions, basil, and organic roasted tomatoes. I also love that the menu has more veggie options than meat. (Don’t worry, meat-eaters, there’s plenty to choose from!). They change up their menus each season as well and rotate in different options each time.

Here’s an insider tip: I always ask that my kids’ plain cheese isn’t run through the oven, otherwise it’s really hot and we have to wait for it to cool. It’s usually warm enough without going through the oven.

Jules Pizza is healthy, organic and made with families in mind. Eat in and have your dinner in minutes!
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My older son regularly asks if we can go get “flat pizza” and we probably go at least twice a month, sometimes more. Okay, maybe once a week if I’m being honest. I don’t feel bad about it at all- the food is healthy and also very reasonably priced. I always think that they didn’t charge me enough whenever they ring me up. Again, as a parent, this is amazing- to be able to have a go-to place where we can get a quick, healthy meal that  works in our budget.

As of now, Jules has locations in the Bay Area, CA (thank goodness!!) and on the East Coast. I am in no way affiliated with the company (though if anyone from Jules is reading, I’d be happy to be a pizza sposkmom for you!), but I’d strongly suggest you send them a suggestion to open one in your area. Finding restaurants like this as a parent make me so happy because I know that I can walk in, have a good meal, not spend fortune and get out quickly.

My other insider tip is to go on the early side for dinner. Though lines move quickly, I love getting there with my kiddos around 5/5:30 so we beat the dinner rush. We pretty much walk in and have dinner in front of us in less than five minutes. Ahh-mazing!!

What’s your favorite pizza that Jules Thin Crust offers?

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