A Must for Lego Fans: The Unofficial Guide to Learning with Lego

I want to start out by saying that I am an affiliate for the Learning with Lego book. What does that mean? Well, if you end up buying the book, I get a percentage of the price you pay (with no additional cost to you). And it also means that I got my copy at no cost to me. But, I’m sharing about the book with you today because I think it’s an amazing resource for kids who love Lego. And, it’s a great resource for parents of kids who love Lego but sometimes get bored doing the same things over and over (that may or may not happen at our house!!).

The Unofficial Guide to Learning with Lego has amazing activities for kids to build with Lego Bricks (Aff link)


There are many things I love about this book, but let me tell you a few:

  • The activities are simple, but not basic. Meaning: it won’t get complicated or too hard but your kids are learning and engaged with the ideas
  • The instructions are clear and the pictures are fantastic. Not all books of this kind are such high quality
  • The authors of the book are moms who play with their kids. I love that these are activities that real moms have done at home, not activities that someone came up with because they thought kids would enjoy them
  • Kids are learning. This book gives you fun ideas that relate to STEAM principles- how amazing is that. If I can get my kids interested in learning and STEAM now, then that’s something I’m all about.
  • Lastly, though I did get my copy for free, I love that this book is so affordable and is jam-packed with activities. You and your kids will stay busy for hours!
This Unofficial Guide to Learning with Lego will give you hours of Lego fun, while teaching STEAM principles (Aff link)
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My son loves just looking at Lego and activities but with this book, he actually wanted to create and build. Some of the activities are a little advanced for him right now, at 4yo, but this is a book that we will be using over and over. The first activity he wanted to do was building Balloon Cars- thankfully his birthday is coming up so we had some balloons on hand. He was so excited to see his cars move without pushing them himself. We had a great conversation about why the cars were moving and how the air coming out of the balloon causes the car to move.

Like I said, if you do buy this book, there is benefit to me but I would have it as my Friday Fave regardless. I don’t know about you, but when I spend a lot of time home with my kiddos, we need ideas to keep ourselves busy. The Unofficial Guide to Learning with Lego is a book that will do just that. If you’d like to purchase, you can visit: http://www.ebooktag.com/learningwithlego-zk49L69QSAQ5. Happy building!

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