Learning about the World with Little Passports

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Any time my son sees the Little Passports commercial, he says he wants it. But then, he says he wants just about everything he sees, so I don’t always pay attention. But, I have always been intrigued by Little Passports. It seemed like a great way to teach kids about the US and the world.

Give the gift of learning with Little Passports. A great gift for kids to educate and inspire.
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Now, geography is not my strong suit at all. I traveled out of the country exactly once in college (Thank you, Semester at Sea!) and once as an adult (where I quickly returned home after a 9.1 earthquake hit Japan. Seriously).

US geography? I’m not good at that either. Clearly we need some help in this house.

I loved the idea that my son could start learning about the world with the Early Explorers and was thrilled when Little Passports offered to send it to us to check out.

When the first package came in the mail, my 4-year-old was excited to get a box with his name on it. Now that he can recognize and spell his name, it’s exciting to see him get mail. When he realized what it was he said, “I never had a passport, mama. I like it. I saw it on the tv and now I have it.” Super cute.

He had lots of fun putting the stickers on his new suitcase and checking out the map and stories about Max, Mia, and their dog Toby. He was definitely excited about it and wanted to know when the next delivery would come. One drawback at this age- patience for the next month!

One point I like about Little Passports is that instead of sending a brand new box every month, they build on what they’ve already sent. Our second month included landmarks for a few countries and the third month introduced him to music from around the world. The stories are engaging and the activity booklet teaches about the world while keeping my little guy engaged.

Buying gifts for kids can be a challenge, but this would make a good, unexpected gift for your kid, or someone you know. I personally prefer giving and getting gifts like this. If you’ve got an older child, they have other options to check out too.

If you want to get your kids excited and interested in geography and culture (and possibly learn something yourself!) check out Little Passports.

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