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Mental Toughness for Moms | Mental Skills for Kids | Learn how to be more mentally skilled | Life Skills for kids

Part of what inspired me to create this site is my professional background as a Mental Skills Coach. I have a Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology, and for 10 years have helped athletes develop the mental side of their game, including how to be confident, refocusing strategies, creating more motivation, and being more positive. Guess what? These mental skills are life skills and as a mom, I realize how critical it is to use these mental skills in my daily life. Not only are these ideas important for moms, but we can help our kids develop mental skills that will help them in their daily lives.

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How to become more mentally tough

I say this often: being a mom is hard. We often prepare for motherhood by taking birth classes, baby care classes, and reading books on child development. But, we also need to think about developing parts of ourselves that will help us with this challenging (and rewarding) part of life. When we develop our mental skills, we can better handle stress, pressure, frustration, and more. We’re more prepared to take care of others because we’re taking care of ourselves. Mental skills also are critical life skills that we can teach our children. Though all of these ideas are habits that need to be worked on, and skills that need to be practiced, in time, you can improve. Want more support?

Mental Skill Development for Moms

Need more help calming down? Get the Checklist to help you be a calmer mom.

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Mental Skills and Life Skills for Kids

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Mental Toughness for Moms | Mental Skills for Kids | Learn how to be more mentally skilled | Life Skills for kids