Micro Scooter Comparison (Maxi vs. Mini)

This is a comparison of the Micro Maxi Kick Scooter and the Micro Mini Kick Scooter.

Is a Micro Scooter Worth the Money?

Let’s start with this question before we get into talking about the specific scooters.

You’ve already done some research. You’ve seen how expensive the Micro Scooters are. You’re probably wondering, “Is the Micro Scooter Worth the Money?”

In all honesty?


We have now had one Micro Maxi Scooter for over two years; it has used a lot. It has A TON of life left in it. Yes, Kickboard Scooters are expensive.

We have found that Micro Kickboard Scooters are expensive but worth it.

Is a Micro Scooter Worth It?

Let’s get into Micro Scooter details.

Want quick help in deciding between the Mini Micro Scooter or the Maxi Micro Scooter?

Here are the highlights of this Micro Scooter Review

Mini Micro Scooter

  • The Mirco Mini scooter is designed for ages 2-5 and up to 44lbs
  • It’s hard to figure out how “tall” is too tall for the mini
  • This Micro Kickboard scooter has 3 wheels and is designed for little ones to feel comfortable on
  • There is deluxe version that has an adjustable handlebar, but the original version does not have an adjustable handle
  • Kids can ride on the scooter as they get taller but will have to lean over on the version that has the stationary handlebar

Maxi Micro Scooter

  • The Micro Maxi scooter is built for up to age 12 and suggests the size is built for ages 5-12
  • The steering stick extends from 24″ to 36″
  • This Micro Kickboard scooter also has 3 wheel scooter and will grow with your child
  • Costs more than the Micro Mini Scooter, but lasts longer in terms of age
  • Our first son was age 4, around 40″ and about 37 lbs when we made the decision to go with the Maxi Micro Scooter
  • Our second son was age two, around 34″ and 30 lbs when we purchased the Micro Maxi Kickboard Scooter
  • When comparing the Maxi and Mini scooter side by side, they have the same handle height when the Maxi scooter has the handlebar in the lowest position (it matches the height of the fixed handle).
  • If your child is getting closer to the upper limits of the Micro Mini Scooter, or if you want more use, I’d suggest going with the Micro Maxi Scooter as they’ll have much more time to use it.

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Want to Know More about How We Decided on Buying a Micro Scooter?

We are so fortunate to live in a fantastic neighborhood where our little kids are able to go outside and play in the street. Of course, we keep an eye on them, but we’re tucked away where very few cars come in and out, and those that do (generally) watch out for our kids. It’s the perfect place to let them run around, ride bikes, hang out with friends, and watch your kid scooter around.

As the kids have gotten older, they play with different things, and their vehicles/ride-on toys have evolved. Now that we have a bunch of ages between the families who live here, it’s fun to see what everyone likes to ride and play on. Generally, my son runs around while other kids scoot or ride and it took us some time to figure out what he would really like to play with.

Deciding on a Scooter for Kids

We bought our son a bike that wasn’t a hit, and we wanted to encourage him to develop skill in some sort of “wheeled” activity. It took us a while to figure out that we should go with a kid scooter, but then we had to figure out which one to get. One of his friends has a  Mini Micro Scooter, which she loves, so we thought a 3 wheel scooter might be a great birthday gift when he turned 4. We hoped that by seeing his friend on a Micro Scooter that he would be inspired to ride too. The challenge was, that because of his age, and being on the tall side, we weren’t sure which Micro Scooter to choose. I was unsure if we should choose the Micro Mini Scooter or the Micro Maxi Scooter which might be a bit big, but would give him the ability to grow into it.

Deciding on Your Micro Scooter: Mini Micro Scooter or Maxi Micro Scooter?

Want the *best* scooter for kids? The Micro Scooter is fun,works on gross motor skills, and is the perfect 3-wheel scooter for boys and girls. This scooter review looks at the Micro Kick Maxi and the Micro Kick Mini and answers the question "Is a Micro Scooter worth the Money??"
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Thankfully we were able to let our son try out our friend’s Mini Micro Scooter along with trying to research the sizing of the Maxi Micro Scooter. I don’t know about you, but even with online research, I get a bit nervous actually clicking “buy” online with something like this.

We got lucky that we could at least try out the micro mini scooter for ourselves. The micro mini is designed for ages 2-5 and up to 44lbs. I couldn’t really figure out how tall the scooter was meant for, but I knew my guy was getting close to the upper limit on weight, and he’s tall: people always think he’s older, so I thought that maybe the mini micro wouldn’t last him long.

I was worried, though, that the micro maxi scooter might be too big for him since it’s designed for kids up to age 12. Neither scooter is cheap, so I was a bit nervous about making the purchase and either ending up with something that was too big and he couldn’t use, or getting something he could only use for a short time. Though we have a second child, and eventually it would get passed down, I wanted to make sure the scooter was a good fit for him.

Ultimately, we decided to go with the Micro Maxi Scooter and it has turned out to be the perfect fit. My son is currently about 45″ tall and we have the handlebar at the lowest setting. He fits on it really well, loves that he looks like a superhero when he rides it, and I love that it will grow with him.

One of our little neighbors who recently turned 2 has gotten on it and tried it out. Though the handlebar is quite high for her, she even managed to scoot around a bit. If you have a child who’s getting close to the upper limits, I’d definitely suggest going with the maxi micro scooter. Though it’s a jump in price, it’s well-made and is something your child will hopefully ride for quite a while.

I’ve realized that when it comes to choosing toys or even clothes, I personally err on the side of bigger so that they get more use out of it. I’m glad we did it with the Micro Scooter too. This has been a really great purchase for us- the handlebar comes off, which meant we were able to bring it with us on our trip to Tahoe without it taking up too much space. It’s also really light, which is helpful when he decides to scoot somewhere and then wants to walk back.

I definitely recommend Micro Scooters and going up to the Maxi Micro Scooter was a great choice for us. If you want to buy, head to Amazon to check out all the great colors and choices.

2017 Update: We’ve now purchased a second Micro Maxi Kickboard scooter, this time for our two-year-old. After we realized that the Maxi’s handlebar’s lowest height was the same as the Micro Mini Kickboard Scooter, and that our older son wasn’t giving his up anytime soon, we went with the big one. He’s actually pretty comfortable on it already, and I think will only improve over time. I think the wheels on the mini might give more stability for the younger kids, but we decided to “go big” on this one, and once again, we’re happy with the choice!

I hope you found this Micro Scooter review helpful!

And if you’re still asking yourself “Is the Micro Scooter worth the money?” I want to say again, yes, it is. Especially if you have multiple kids who may use it. If not, it’s a great hand-me-down, and would likely resell really well!

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