Why You Need Mommy Morning Time

By Ashlyn Owings, Creator of Thrive Daily Community

As moms we live a wonderfully hard life. The ups and down are extreme. Our kids are our world but can at times also make us feel like our world is spiraling out of control. You can typically find us busy, tired, cleaning something, and trying not to lose it.

Even as I write this, my amazingly spirited 4-year-old is yelling in her room because she doesn’t want to have “quiet time”. But guess what!? I NEED that time! Over the last few months (since moving half way across the country away from family and friends) I have really discovered the value in “mommy time”.

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Since our big move I have been able to apply many tools and new practices to my own life. And honestly, I have needed to for my own sanity, and the good of my family.  I am so grateful that I have these tools and practices.

Mommy Morning Time Sets the Tone for the Day

I have found that how I wake up sets the tone for my day. If I “sleep in” and wake up to the screams of a toddler, I am instantly rushed out of bed and on the go. This rushed feeling will stick with me for the day if I allow it to. To deal with that, I have made it a habit of getting up early.

I know. I know. The thought of getting up early is CRAZY. But what if waking up just a few minutes early could make your entire day better!?

I started to apply the basics of “The Miracle Morning” and it changed my world. The idea is, when you first wake up you go through a practice of silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, read, and scribe (SAVERS). The great part is you can do this in a little as 6 minutes. On a good day, when I get a good night sleep, I allow an hour or more. After a bad night I might allow 6 minutes, or even have to do it a bit later in the day and sneak away before my husband leaves.

If this all sounds crazy and getting up early is not an option (because I know in some stages of raising kids this is the case) you can do this any time during the day and feel benefits.

Examples of how I practice the SAVERS as part of Mommy Morning Time:

Silence and affirmations – I will typically combine these two and do them in bed. Before I even get out of bed I will take 10 deep breaths. As I inhale I say to myself “I am worthy” and on the exhale I say “I am enough.” I use these because they have been proven to be extremely powerful. I also have a couple apps that deliver affirmations to me and a deck of affirmation cards by Louise Hay that I use throughout the day to continue affirmations.

Visualization – For me this is typically a meditation. On a good day I pick one of my favorites (from YouTube ) that is 20-30 minutes. This month I am focusing on “The 6 Phase Meditation” and last month was the “The Abundance Meditation” by Bob Proctor. If I need something quick I pick a 5-minute meditation or just close my eyes and picture being somewhere that makes me happy and focus on it for about a minute.

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Exercise – I typically do my main workout late morning at the gym since my daughter loves the kids care (more mommy time!). So for this I do some gentle yoga or stretching or even just some squats to get moving.

Read – I normally have 2 books I am working through and ready anywhere from 1 paragraph to a chapter. My recent favorites include The Book Of Joy, Present Over Perfect, and  The Universe Has Your Back.

Scribe – This is typically writing a list of at 3 or 10 things I am grateful for. Do not skip this step! I have found that there is something powerful in taking the time to write it down.

PLEASE REMEMBER…each of these components is beneficial for moms. If this seems crazy and overwhelming just pick one area and practice that each day. You can always build up from there. Remember, you deserve to get yourself started.

If nothing else, I encourage you to go to The Miracle Morning and download the free resources. This will be enough to give you a good start and allow you to begin your “mommy morning time” practice!

Let us know how you make the most of your Mommy Morning Time.

Ashlyn-Owings-Thrive-DailyAshlyn Owings is the creator of Thrive Daily, an online community to help you live a lifestyle full of Real Health for Real Life that is Real Simple. Thrive Daily was established to help people live a healthy lifestyle through eating real food and eliminating chemicals and toxins wherever possible. She has worked in nutrition and fitness for years and loves passing on healthy habits to her daughter. Find her on Facebook the blog and on instagram @thrivedailylife.


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  • I NEED to get a better morning routine. I hate being rushed in the morning too. It’s set me up for a rough day.

    • Melissa- Do you find it really hard to get up early or do you just need to create a new habit?


  • Wonderful, helpful information. Every mom needs some “me” time.