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Fitness + Nutrition + SUPPORT = Success

Even though I was a personal trainer when I had my first daughter, it wasn’t easy for me to get back into a workout routine after she was born. For years, I would start working out only to fall off track and not reach my fitness goals. I would end up  feeling discouraged and lacked motivation. Sometimes I’d get out of routine for a few days, but most often it would lead into weeks and months when life would throw a wrench in the mix. Add in learning how to juggle being a working mom & wife …  that leaves very little desire to go running or do anything that involves energy! (That’s another thing I’d love to talk about sometime, because it’s SO important to devote special time to both!)

Eventually I would get motivated again, usually because of an upcoming event I wanted to feel good for. I’d start working out, would begin to feel good and then…yep you guessed it…I’d fall into the same cycle AGAIN! After years of being inconsistent & frustrated I found what I was missing in order to stay successful in reaching my fitness goals, stick to them & make it a lifestyle.

Fitness Challenge Groups

I decided to give this “fitness challenge group” a try that my cousin had invited me to. What I found was a game changer for me & I’m proud to say I’ve been consistent for 10 months! I FINALLY found a way to stick with a workout routine and make my health & myself a priority. The group gave me accountability, support & motivation. These were just the things I needed.

Here’s the lowdown on what a challenge group is all about…

  • Challenge groups are hosted on FaceBook in a private group and are filled with like-minded people who want to get healthy & fit. The group leader (your coach) helps keep everyone accountable to their goals with daily accountability check ins. Participants encourage one another & the leader guides the group with friendly and fun engagements, contests, motivational posts & support throughout the day during the month-long challenge group.
  • Participants follow a fitness program from home making it easy for busy moms to squeeze in workouts during naptime, while the kids are at school, as they play or the kids can even join right in!
  • Healthy, clean eating is encouraged by sharing meal ideas & recipes for simple family meals & snacks.
  • One meal a day is replaced with a meal replacement shake such as @shakeology
    Tired of not meeting your fitness goals? A Health and Fitness Challenge Group may be your answer.
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    . The powder is packed full of vitamins, protein, prebiotics, probiotics, phytonutrients & tons of other good stuff you may not ordinarily squeeze into your busy on-the-go life. Yummy add-ins such as nut butters, fruits & berries, veggies, greens and more make for some delicious recipes that quickly replace Starbucks snacks & Frappuccino’s!

My first challenge group experience not only helped me kick-off my longest stint of consistency, it also reminded me how much I love helping others reach their goals, encouraging people to get fit & be the best version of themselves. After joining the group, I decided to start running my own!

I’ve now hosted a number of fitness challenge groups and I’ve realized to inspire is to be inspired! Knowing my challengers are counting on me to show up every day keeps me accountable & on track.

If you like the idea of a challenge group and think it may help you start or maintain a fitness routine, I would love to have you join our fitness family! I run new groups every month, if you’d like join I’d love to hear from you & help you find the same success & support I’ve found!

Email: HeatherMarieO@beachbodycoach.com

Heather Ortega is a Beach Body Coach who shares fitness and wellness tips to help you achieve your goals.Heather Ortega

Beachbody Fitness Coach

Mama of a tween & a preschooler, Wifey to a national recording artist & Fitness Coach with Beachbody, juggling it all day by day to be the best version of me & inspire others. Motivating Moms is my passion. 

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