Why ONE word for 2017 Is the Wrong Choice #FuelYourAwesome

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You’ve probably seen the current trend of people picking their “one word” for 2017. The idea is that you give yourself focus; you capture the essence of your year in one word and you go for it. You live out that word, you live by that word, and it drives you all year long.

Here’s why One word for 2017 is the Wrong Choice:

  • With so much focus on one idea, you’re likely closing yourself off to others.
  • Many of the moms I know have A LOT on their plate all year long; one word doesn’t usually relate across all categories and areas of life.
  • Choosing the focus for an entire year may be a way to set yourself up for loss of motivation, lack of interest, or frustration that your word no longer applies.

I do love the idea of getting focused at the start of the year.

Late last year, after my second son turned one, I realized that it’s way too easy to stop taking care of yourself as you take care of family, work, and tasks that seem unending. Though many moms know that we should make ourselves a priority, this is so much easier said than done.

Around the holidays, I made a conscious choice to start elevating how I take care of myself. I write about self-care regularly, but I often have a hard time practicing what I preach.

After I started drinking Bulletproof Coffee and learned more about the Bulletproof lifestyle: taking care of yourself mind and body, I realized how in line this is with the ideas that I talk about and work on for myself and others. When I start the day with my Bulletproof Coffee, elevated with grass-fed ghee (butter) and brain octane oil, I start the day on the right foot. I take a moment for myself, and it sets the tone for the day.

So how does this relate to “One Word for 2017”?

With this whole-person idea in mind, I’ve come up with a list of words that capture who I want to be this year.

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My list includes:

  • Healthy
  • Calm
  • Present
  • Kind
  • Brave
  • Fun
  • Patient

With my list in mind, I can make choices on a daily basis that help me create who I want to be in 2017 (and beyond). Let’s say I had simply chosen the word “kind.” This would easily allow me to continue my bad habit of not working out. If I chose healthy, I might overlook an idea like fun. For some people maybe one word works. For me, not so much.

BUT- even a list of words is not enough. You need to take the next step to decide how you will “live out,” “live by,” or “work on” those words and ideas.

Here are some of the ways I am going to be living out my words this year:Healthy Eating with Bulletproof | #FuelYourAwesome

  • Healthy: I’ve joined the Whole Life Fitness Manifesto free 28-day challenge hosted by Dai Manuel and sponsored by Bulletproof. I’ve learned that I need support and accountability to help kick off a healthy fitness and eating routine. Dai’s challenge can give you this. If you want to join in: check it out here. Quick and effective workouts, guidance on how to eat healthy, and ways to fuel your brain, spirit and body are all included.
  • Calm: Remember to take deep breaths and think before I respond. Practice mindfulness (I love that this is a part of Dai’s program because it’s right in line with my own goals).
  • Present: I have a habit of taking on a lot and it causes me to be thinking about one task (work) when I should be focusing on another (kids). To be more present I will put my phone in the other room when I’m with my kids so that I can really be with I will schedule times for work (though allow for flexibility) and be with my kids, body and mind, when it’s not work time.
  • Kind: I will regularly look for opportunities to show kindness to others, my kids and myself. Though I always value kindness, when I’m tired or stressed I’m less kind to those around me. This is the year I put kindness as a priority.
  • Brave: I think back to things I did when I was younger (like move to NY for college when I was 17) and I wonder how in the world I was brave enough to do that. For me, becoming a mom has caused me to play it safe. This year, I’m stepping out of my comfort zone, trying new things (like smoothie recipes I would usually say “ick” to), and putting on a brave face for my kiddos when they want to try something new and challenging that scares me.
  • Fun: I like to think that I’m fun but it’s become way too easy to let a full day go by as normal. There’s fun, but it’s not FUN. I will inject fun into every day, whether it’s with a dance party, a walk to the swings, or building a fort. And I’ll also add in fun for me, like watching my favorite reality shows.

Every day is a chance to make a change or to stick with what’s working. One word isn’t enough for everything that life can bring so I’ve got my list to keep me focused, excited, and on track for 2017. And if you need a bit of a mental boost to help tackle everything, don’t forget to check out Bulletproof for their whole line of coffee, drinks, brain boosters, and more.

What words are on your list and how will you work on them?

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  • Love this! One word is very limiting and we want to allow room for our goals to grow and change as needed. You know where I want you to link this up right? 🙂

    • Thanks, Julie! Glad I’m not alone in feeling like the idea is limiting!! And, I guess one of my words should have been focus- where should I link it?!

  • I have not understood why so many are picking just one word for the year. It does not make sense to me.

  • I’ve been wanting to try bulletproof coffee!! I’ll have to order it online!

  • I am a “one word” person. I have been doing this for the last 3 years. For me it has been really helpful. When I choose one word it does not mean I can only do things that go along with that word. It simply means that it is the main focus that I would like to have that year. My word for this year is purposeful and it has already been helping to keep me on track. It may not work for everyone and that is totally ok. I think the best thing people can do is find out what works best for them and stick with it. For me, that is one word. 🙂

    • Thanks for your perspective, Tiffany. I agree that for the right person the one word can make a lot of sense. I never really noticed this trend until this year and I think that if people jump on the trend without giving it more thought or considering another idea, then it could be more limiting. Also, you’ve chosen a great word that can apply across domains! Thanks for checking in.

  • Wow. I had barely noticed the trend but now that you put it this way it does seem incredibly limiting! I can think of very few words that would fully cover all aspects of my life…and they wouldn’t be as powerful as several more focused words.
    I hadn’t planned on doing the one word, but I think I will take up your example and find 5 or 6 that really will really mean something over the year.

    • Thanks for checking in Jayme. Glad you like the idea of having a few words to capture the intent and focus of the year. I’m only 10 days in but so far it’s working well! Hope it works for you too 🙂

  • I agree.. when I saw everyone listing one word I felt so conflicted because there is no ONE word that fits for this year to come! lol

    • Haha, I know, right?! But then you kind of feel like maybe you should do it!! It was like peer pressure and then I said “No- I’m not doing…well, I’ll do it, but in my own way!”