About GMB

As moms we have A LOT going on. We have pick-ups, drop-offs, meals to make, play dates to organize, husbands to worry about and children to keep alive. Oh, and ourselves to pay attention to. It’s a lot. And it can be exhausting!! In any one day (or one hour, or even one minute) we have many (so many) tasks to tackle and we can feel a range of emotions. Sometimes we hit many points on the emotional spectrum in a short timeframe. With all of the task, role and emotional juggling, moms are often trying to find balance. We hear this all the time, and it’s from this idea that Get Mom Balanced was born.

Why is getting balanced so hard?

The challenge in finding balance is in part because of how we define what balance is. Here is one idea: Balance is like a puzzle where, if we get it right, everything fits neatly together. In this idea the pieces are the same size and roughly the same shape; when put together they create a cohesive picture when everything is stable, even, and uniform.

However, balance is so much more than this:

Balance is like a puzzle, but the reality is that the puzzle pieces are often different sizes, and they grow and shrink depending on the day (or even the hour). Not all pieces of the puzzle will fit every day and at certain points in your life you have to throw out certain pieces entirely or find new ones to add. And the pretty picture with four corners and straight edges? That probably won’t happen! A mom’s puzzle is three-dimensional and dynamic.

When you try to create balance in a way that resembles the first idea, you may find yourself worn out, stressed out, and maxed out. The second scenario doesn’t necessarily come easily, but we encourage you to throw out the idea that balance is even, equal, and that it “should” look a certain way.

That’s why we created Get Mom Balanced.

Here are our goals:

  • To help you know you’re not alone in all of the feelings you likely have as a mom
  • Provide thoughts and ideas for how to create balance
  • Help inspire you to clarify your priorities
  • Provide guidance on skills and ideas to improve your own life and well-being
  • Create a community of moms looking to find balance
  • Support moms in whatever their mom balance looks like

We want to help you find more balance in your life, but also help you understand that “mom balance” is a special kind of balance. It doesn’t look or feel the same for you as it does for others. We are glad to have you here with us.