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Blogging is only a part of how I spend my work day. I’d love to spend some of it working with you.

Work with Sara Robinson. Mental skills training for moms; freelance blogging, writing and editing.

I have an MA in Sport Psychology, a BFA in theater and over 10 years of professional experience writing, teaching and educating. Read my full bio. Want to work with me?? There are a few different ways I may be able to help you:

Mental Skills Training for Moms

Moms can benefit from learning mental skills to enhance life as a mom. We’re not all born with natural abilities to regulate our emotions and think positively.

Here are some of the topics we can cover one-on-one:

  • Learning how to calm down (and being able to teach your kids to do the same)
  • Understand how to better manage your thoughts when they start to feel overwhelming
  • Improving at being positive and more kind to yourself
  • Becoming more skilled at creating and maintaining balance

I’m also available for group workshops and speaking engagements. I reside in the Bay Area, CA but am available for selective travel.

Freelance writing

I love to write for my site but I’d also love to write for you if the fit is right!

For blogs
For companies and businesses
  • I create strong written content that shares the information most important to you and your business.

Editing Services

If you’re a writer or working on a written project, editing is the final step to make your content great. I can help you polish, improve flow and create stronger impact with your words.

Projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Your blog posts
  • Ecourses, including email courses
  • Ebooks and workbooks
  • Newsletters

Chelsea Coulston, author of Don’t Wait, Decorate! says:

Working with Sara to edit my recently launched eBook was a total game changer for my product. I *almost* skipped the professional editing step and I’m so so glad that I didn’t. Not only is Sara amazing at catching all of those pesky grammatical and spelling errors, she has the fantastic ability to improve the content of the book while maintaining the author’s voice. Additionally, Sara was so timely in getting me my edits which was beyond important for a procrastinator like me. Since working with Sara, I’ve learned that having a professional look over your product is worth its weight in gold. I’m so glad to have found Sara and had the chance to work with her! She will have me as a client for years to come! 

Rates vary according to the project- please contact me for a quote.


Let's chat about working together

Let's chat about working together


If you’re interested in learning more, you can also send me an email at to talk further!