Multitasking at the Park- Play and a Workout

By Heather Ortega, Beachbody Fitness Coach

With summer almost here, it’s that time of year where kids can finally be outside! And if you have kids & live in a condo or don’t have much of a yard, you are probably ALWAYS at the park! Even if you have a backyard, the park is a great place to go to when you want to get out of the house and into the sunshine for some outdoor fitness!

Instead of standing around scrolling FB or sitting on the bench watching my littles play — I found this to be a great way to do what Moms do best — multi-task!

Here are some sneaky ways to squeeze in some outdoor fitness while playing with your kids!

1) Warm up = TAG You’re It! Kick off 10 minutes of tag to warm yourself up & get that heart rate up! This is a great activity where you’re all exercising, but it doesn’t feel like it. Take the time to run around, laugh, and get your blood pumping.

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2) Legs = Hide & Seek “Count” 15-20 squats while they hide. Make these jump squats if you’ve been working out. Then when you hide, duck into the nearest spot and do as many push-ups as you can until they find you! Use a bench or a picnic table if you’re just starting out, or even a wall. Go slow if it’s been a while since you last did a push-up.

3) The kiddo is spent & ready to swing = Push-Me-Mommy Lunges With each push of the swing, backward lunge – alternating legs as many times as you can while practicing counting with your little one. Take a large step backward and bend your knees, keeping the angle at 90 degrees.

By this time your kids might be content to play alone or with friends on the playground. If  they’re younger, keep them close by while you finish up your workout. You have back, arms & abs left to knock out.

4) Use the monkey bars to attempt a few pull-ups. Most parks have money bars or hanging bars. Try a pull-up on your own, or use the steps to give yourself a little push if you need it. Each time you’ll get better & knock out 10 before you know it! If you’re struggling, don’t worry- we might be very used to lifting kids, but pulling up our body weight can be tough!

5) Alternate tricep dips & abs. Sit on the bench and slide forward so you’re barely sitting down. Bend your elbows to around 90 degrees and push your arms straight. Do as many as you can (which may not be many at first!) and then switch to doing some crunches or a plank. Each day will get a bit easier.  

6) Stretch, smile & breathe in the sunshine! Take a few moments to simply breathe, relax, and feel good that you got a workout in!

If it’s time for a snack, make sure you feed everyone, including yourself! Hopefully when everyone goes home, everyone is ready to rest and recharge.

Remember that it’s important to take care of yourself, and multitasking while you’re at the park is a great way to do this. You’re also setting a great example to your kids about taking care of yourself and making time for exercise. Also- don’t forget to hydrate!

Heather Ortega is a Beach Body Coach who shares fitness and wellness tips to help you achieve your goals.Heather Ortega

Beachbody Fitness Coach

Mama of a tween & a preschooler, Wifey to a national recording artist & Fitness Coach with Beachbody, juggling it all day by day to be the best version of me & inspire others. Motivating Moms is my passion. * *Instagram/HeathMarieO

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