From Pinterest for Fun to Pinterest for Purpose

Please note this post includes affiliate links. If you make purchases through any of the links, there is compensation to me at no additional cost to you. I am sharing about these links because they are resources I love and have found very useful in my blogging journey.

Before blogging, I used Pinterest like many other moms. I’d look for party ideas, easy recipes for appetizers (I don’t really cook), and crafts for my son. We’d also use Pinterest to be inspired for homemade gifts for the holidays and birthday. If  I’d come across information about kids and parenting and I’d save it haphazardly.

It wasn’t until I started a blog that I realized that you can use Pinterest for a purpose: helping your readers find the best information out there. If you’re a fan of Pinterest and use it simply to find information, this post probably isn’t for you. But if you’re a blogger or run a business big or small, you’ll want to start using Pinterest for Purpose.

From Pinterest for Fun to Pinterest for Purpose

Even though I was using Pinterest as a search engine, it didn’t occur to me that’s what Pinterest actually is. And if you’ve spent any time on Pinterest, you know that there is SO MUCH out there. (Probably too much out there!). I learned that as a blogger, my job is to find the best info that my readers would want and organize it nicely for them. Yes, Pinterest is a search engine, but as bloggers or business owners, we can help narrow the field and point people to the best resources that Pinterest has to offer.
However, that’s easier said than done, and there are so many steps to take if you want to create a Pinterest Profile that actually gives your readers the information and the resources they want.

Growth on Pinterest

Before I jump into my 5 tips for using Pinterest with a Purpose, I have to give a huge shout out to my fairy Blogmother, Krista from Blog Beautifully, who taught me about 92% of what I know about Pinterest. Check out my stats the day that I started working with Krista (which was about 2 weeks after I launched the blog) and my stats one month after applying what she taught me.
1 month after working with Krista from Blog Beautifully, my stats claimed and they continue to grow exponentially.

My stats have only climbed since that time. I’m so excited that she’s launched Pageviews from Pinterest where she teaches you everything she knows about Pinterest. And let me tell you, she knows a ton. I got to work with her one on one and it totally took my game from Pinterest for Fun to Pinterest for Purpose.
Her new course is a 6-week program and will change your Pinterest game. It launches October, 17th 2017 with the course beginning November 1st. Check it out and if you miss it this time around, get on her list to find out when it will be offered again. I’d also suggest you become a regular on her site- she provides great information on blogging overall, not just Pinterest.

5 Tips for using Pinterest with Purpose

I can’t take credit for all of these awesome ideas, because I learned so much from Krista and I did a lot of research as well. However, here is what has helped me create a Pinterest profile that I am proud of, that gets great feedback, and that always has notifications of repins and new followers.

Pinterest can be used to grow your blog or business and help others find the information they most want.
Pin for later!
  1. Create a profile that talks about who you are and who you help. Use an image of yourself because people want to connect with a real person. Check out mine.
  2. Use branded images for your pins. Make them vertical and make them eye catching. I am not a graphic designer in the slightest but Canva has helped me create graphics that suggest I know what I’m doing!
  3. Create a “Best of…” board that features all of your info. All of the other boards should be the topics your audience is looking for, and where you pin the best content on that topic. You can add in your own posts that are relevant but focus on finding the best of what Pinterest has to offer and pin it to that board. But your “Best of” board is all about you! You can check out mine and find all of my posts in one place.
  4. You need to be pinning a lot in the beginning. You also need to continue to pin regularly as time goes on. You want your pins (your own personal work and the great info you find) to show up in people’s feeds. Pinning regularly can take up a lot of time. BoardBooster has been amazing to help save time and keep my content rotating through my follower’s feeds.
  5. You need a Pinterest plan. When you’re pinning for a purpose, doing it haphazardly won’t necessarily help you grow. You need to have a focus and a plan and thankfully there are people much more knowledgeable than I am that can help you know what to do. Check out the Pageviews from Pinterest course my fairy Blogmother, Krista has developed!
I’m thankful I worked with Krista at the beginning of my blogging career (and can check in as I go) because I feel like I started off on a strong foot with Pinterest. Her new course talks about all of this and so much more. I feel like I’m an expert because she’s taught me so much. I actually had a really great compliment from Chrystie V. of Living for Naptime– she and I had a blog consulting session as part of her Pageviews to Paychecks course and she told me my Pinterest account looked great and that I was doing so many things well already. That was in large part thanks to Krista!
Pinterest used to feel overwhelming to me. But, now I have a better understanding of Pinterest and how I can use it as a blogger to help my readers and to grow my business. I actually get really excited about it and love to talk to others who aren’t yet using Pinterest with a purpose.
What’s your best tip for using Pinterest with a purpose?

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  • I might have to try this out because Pinterest and I don’t seem to be friends and I’ve gotten lost and actually don’t enjoy Pinterest as I use too Thanks for tips.

    • Hi Ellie- Pinterest can be overwhelming, but I realized that when you have guidance to set things up well, get systems in place, and automate what you can, it’s not bad. AND- when you see the traffic it can bring in, it’s kind of addicting!! Good luck!