5 Posts About Balance Moms Need

Balance . . . that elusive feeling. The one that many of us strive for and then feel like we fall short of achieving. Or, we feel like we’ve finally found it and in the next moment, it’s gone.

That’s one of the tricky things about balance- it is tricky. Some people think you can’t actually achieve it, but I think we can. We just have to be clearer on what balance means and how we can get there.

For moms, I think that balance is even more of a challenge because there have probably been times in life where we felt balanced. This was probably before kids. And then, after kids life can become quite unbalanced. I don’t know about you, but if I know how good something was, I want to try to get it back even more than if I’d never experienced it.

In writing about balance for a while now, I’ve become even more aware that balance means something different to just about everyone. My balance will be different than your balance. How I self-correct when I’m out of balance may not be how you adjust.

So, I wanted to share other’s perspectives of balance along with their ideas and wisdom for how to create more balance in your life. I’m only one person and don’t have all of the information and ideas. I love that through the world of blogging I’ve connected with others who share a passion for helping moms feel better in their daily lives.

Elna, Twins Mommy

Elna shares about how she finds balance as a working mom of twins.I find Elna Cain to be super-inspiring. She has created an amazing freelance career and several blogs while being a mom to twins. I mean, I have two kids, but that is not the same as twins!! Not even close. Check out what goes on in Elna’s world. Elna provides great resources to moms looking to create a business and be a rock star at what they do. I love that she’s so real with her readers about what she’s going through and doesn’t sugar coat the fact that life can be hard sometimes!

Emily, Happy Mom Blog

Emily helps you focus on the areas in life that you'll want to create balance.Emily’s approach to balance is so simple and straightforward that it gives you the feeling of “yes- I can create balance!” She breaks down balance into six critical areas and helps you understand how to address these so that you can be happier as a mom. This is so important- our own balance impacts our happiness and I don’t know about you- when this mama is happy, everyone is happier! Check out Emily’s six key areas to address to find balance.

Julie, Fab Working Mom Life

Julie shares about how she works to create balance as a working momThe topics Julie writes about always resonate with me so I had to be sure to include one of her posts on balance. Julie reminds us that we need to let go of the mom guilt and that we can’t do it all. She’s got a couple great tips for what to focus on so that you can create more balance in your life.

Keshnie, Letters to My Baby

Learn about balance from these 5 moms- great tips and advice in these posts about balance.
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KeI love that Keshnie is a non-US mom because we seem to view moms roles and balance differently than other countries might. I also love that one of the ways she’s finding balance is to accept that the house may never be clean- this is something I can definitely relate to as the cleaning is one area of life that gets a back-burner in order to create balance in other areas. Read more about how balance doesn’t exist for her.

Kimberly, The Hill Country Woman

Kimberly shares about how yoga and making healthy choices can influence balance.Balance isn’t just a mental state, but your physical health and well-bring come into play too. Kimberly reminds us that we need to take care of our bodies and how yoga fits into her life, helping her create more balance (in more ways than one). Learn more about what Kimberly is up to and how she creates balance.

There you have it: Five different perspectives on balance. And in case you’re busy and don’t have time to read, here’s a great podcast featuring Jessica Turner who is an expert in all-things mom-balance.

What are your favorite resources when you’re looking for more balance?

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