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Working from home has its perks and its challenges. I’m the first to admit that while I feel very fortunate about my work set-up, there are also times I wish that I could leave the house for a more traditional work environment. There are many reasons why I wish this were true.

Some of the challenges I face as a work-at-home-mom include:

  • Kids interrupting
  • Your office or work-space is taken over by others
  • Trouble focusing (even when no one else is around)
  • Work bleeding over into family time
  • Spotty internet

Having been a work-at-home mom for a while, I’ve learned that sometimes I need to let the challenge go, and sometimes I can find an actual solution.

Kids interrupting?

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I try to create a schedule and work when my husband is home, or during nap time when my older son can engage in an activity so that there are minimal chances for distraction. I also tackle the tasks that don’t suffer with interruptions, such as social media promotion, and save the tasks that require more focus for when the kids are asleep or I have someone to watch them.

Your office might not be your own

Even if you can close the door to your office, chances are someone (or their things) will make their way in. Or, you might work at your kitchen table or another location that is part of your family’s space. Find a way to create a space you feel good about, and maybe a bin that you can use to store all of the other “stuff” that finds its way into your workspace.

Having a hard time focusing?

I’ve found that even when I’m at home with no one around, or the kids are taken care of, that it can still be difficult to focus. The laundry needs to be done, or you’re thinking about what’s for dinner. I find it’s helpful to work on a task for a bit of time, and then switch to something else to help my focus, or I leave the house if I can.

When you work from home, work can take over

I have to say- I’m bad at this. I’m working on it. Constantly. I like my work, and I think about it often. I need to get better at setting a schedule and boundaries on my time. It’s a work in progress. If you struggle with this too, find ways to start and end your work day and decide that when it’s time for the family, that’s what you focus on. With practice and setting consistent boundaries for your work and personal time, this can get easier.

I need the internet!!

This last work-from-home challenge drives me nuts. It’s a first-world problem, for sure, but when I can’t get on the internet, or it’s slow? I get frustrated, and fast! Yes, having wi-fi is a luxury, but when you’re working from home, it’s often a critical piece to doing your job. Though I can write all my pieces on my computer, if I can’t submit them or put them online, then it doesn’t matter that I did my work. If I can’t get on the internet to email or do research? I get upset. Not only is it annoying, but it can make me appear unprofessional if I can’t communicate or submit what I need to.

Deco M5 wifi | Internet working at homeThankfully, I found a better way because our normal internet and router weren’t cutting it. Enter the Deco M5 whole-home wi-fi system, and I am a happy camper! We have a house that’s 1500 square feet so I knew we shouldn’t have an issue getting wi-fi throughout the house. But, we did; until we got the Deco M5, that is. You’re supplied with everything you need to paint your house in wi-fi (It works for spaces up to 4500 square feet).

Simply open the box, download the app, follow the steps, and you’re up and running in no time. Deco looks great in my house, and my internet is definitely faster, and strong in pockets of the house where we had trouble before.

Dec M5 wifi | Must haves for working from homeTP Link, creator of the Deco M5 doesn’t just give you great wi-fi that you can manage and troubleshoot from your phone, but it also gives you parental controls. You can monitor how much time certain devices get, and there’s security protection as well. I love that it’s simple, easy to install, and helps set boundaries for internet usage. Ready to learn more about Deco M5? Check them out!

As a work-from-home mom, there are a lot of things out of my control. So, when I can get something taken care of and not have to worry about it? I love that! Thankfully I’ve come up with a few tricks to focus, deal with interruptions, and now, I have my wi-fi handled too!

What are your favorite ways to manage the challenges of working from home?

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  • I need these. They would be perfect for my work from home situation. Thanks for sharing!

  • I have trouble managing interruptions with having 3 kids. It gets a little crazy sometimes especially since I don’t have an office as a separate room but am hoping to finish off part of our attic soon to resolve this! 🙂

    • I know- it’s so hard when you don’t have that private space!! I try my best to tackle the harder tasks that need more focus when the kids aren’t around and accept that I’ll get interrupted sometimes…some days are better than others. And, how exciting to have a project for the attic that could become your own space!!