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Sara’s background in Sport Psychology informs the speaking she does, which means your group will hear practical information and ideas that they can apply right away. No matter what the topic, she aims to make the topic an engaging conversation with the audience. She has spoken at conferences, corporate events, parent groups and meetings, and coach trainings.

Sample Workshops

  • Redefining Self-Care and Making it Happen
  • Creating a Self-Care Routine that Works
  • The Reality of Work-Life Balance
  • How to Be a Mentally Tough Parent
  • How to Be a Great Sport Parent

All sessions can be done in person or virtually!

Round Table Session at Watermark Women’s Conference

Connect with Sara: getmombalanced@gmail.com

What people are saying about Sara:

Thank you for this amazing session! I took so many notes. A year ago when I attended the conference I literally I had no self care going on. And while I do it more often now I really need for it to be daily. I love how you gave lots and lots of examples. It really helped me understand self-care better! What I hadn’t thought of before was the idea of practical self care, but it makes so much sense. And it changes my mindset around the household chores from something I begrudgingly have to do to something I do to take care of myself and my family. I think that will be very helpful for me, thank you!

Wow I took a lot away from this on new ideas of self-care and that I am doing some self-care but there are areas in which I can improve. That it does not take hours each day can be small things throughout the day, Also that it is good and important to take care of me.

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Connect with Sara: getmombalanced@gmail.com

Sara can also do book signings at events and conferences!