Teaching About time with Time Timer

Thank you to Time Timer for sending me the Time Timer Mod. I am sharing about the Time Timer because I love it and think that you’ll find it as helpful as I do. The opinions of the Time Timer are my own and because I do think so highly of the product, I am an affiliate for Time Timer; if you purchase through the links below, I am compensated with no additional cost to you.

I got really excited when I first heard about the Time Timer– a friend introduced me to the product and it seemed like it might be a way to help my 4-year-old understand the concept of time more clearly. The Time Timer is essentially a very clear, visual count down of time; You can set it from 1- 60 minutes and watch the red portion disappear as the time gets closer to being done.

I figured the Time Timer would be really helpful for me as I attempt to work from home while my kiddos are there. I usually try to work when my littlest is napping but I still have to keep my older son occupied. Sometimes he gets engaged in an activity and other times he just wants to hang out (which is very sweet, but mama needs to work!).

There are times where I just need 30 minutes and yet, that 30 minutes gets eaten up by my 4-year-old asking “are you done yet?” or some similar variation of the question. Before the Time Timer, I’d be inclined to turn on the TV and let E watch a show because I knew I could focus for the amount of time I needed. I knew he wouldn’t bother me to ask how much longer because he knows how long his shows are (yes, he watches a lot of TV!). But with the Time Timer, he’s able to better understand how much time is left because he sees less and less red on the clock. While he doesn’t yet understand how long 30 minutes really is, he does understand that the amount of time remaining is less than it was a bit ago.

The Time Timer Counts down time and helps kids understand how much is left. Great for working moms and general family time management and communication (Aff link).
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As helpful as the Time Timer has been for work, it’s been really great as a time management/ time communication tool in our daily life. We’ve used the Time Timer to show how much time he has left before bed, how much time until his grandparents come over, how much time he can spend on a certain activity and more. He’s always been pretty good about transitioning out of an activity but the Time Timer has made it even smoother. He can visually see how much time is remaining and isn’t caught off guard when his allotted time is up. The Time Timer has an optional alarm that can ding when you run out of time, which I find helpful in many situations because it’s easy to become engrossed in what you’re doing and not realize that time has run out.

The Time Timer is a great resource for families in general, but especially when you add working from home into the mix. I also love that the Mod version comes in great colors and is small and sleek. There are other options to, like larger sizes, watches, and guess what? There are apps too! Check out the site for the whole line.

If you decide to purchase a Time Timer, let me know what you’re using it for!

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