Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts (If We Had TONS of $$ in the Bank!)

Since Father’s Day is this weekend, it seemed appropriate that I’d write a post about my hubby, the father of my fantastic boys. If you’ve read the blog for a while, you may have seen the post about how marriage got hard after we had our first son. Well, good news is that it got back on track and we were in much better shape by the time we had our second son.

My hubby and I are coming up on our 8th wedding anniversary this summer and have been together for about 12 years. That’s a long time and makes me feel like I’m getting old(ish) but also amazes me that we’ve shared over a decade of our lives together. I love that!

On Mother’s Day, I wrote a post about My Mother’s Day Wish List and talked about how we’re not really big on giving gifts in our family. We do gifts for our kids, and occasionally do gifts for each other but in general, we give cards and are more likely to go out for a meal to celebrate something rather than giving a gift.

If we actually gave gifts…

So, if we gave gifts (and if we had lots of money in the bank…because it’s more fun to come up with a list that’s slightly impractical), here is what I would give to my hubby…because it’s the thought that counts, right?

    • A weekend in Napa with meals at restaurants like French Laundry and Morimoto. My husband loves wine and would consider himself a foodie. And unfortunately for him, he’s married to someone who doesn’t like wine and would prefer something like Mexican food for dinner. So I would love to take him to a place where the food and wine are amazing. I’d add in a massage too because he deserves it.
    • Golfing at Pebble Beach with his buddies. Golf is expensive just about anywhere and it doesn’t get much more expensive than Pebble Beach. Golfing is another one of those things my husband loves that I just am not into so it would be great to send him and a few friends for a round of golf and a great meal (like I said, he loves great food).
    • A personal shopper and a big budget. Our family overall is pretty casual but my hubby definitely likes clothes that he feels good in, even if it’s just jeans and a t-shirt. But I know that he would love to add some new clothing to his closet and maybe step up his fashion game a bit. We tend to buy clothes for the kiddos rather than buy clothes for ourselves and replace what’s worn out rather than splurge on new clothes just because. I would love for him to have a closet full of clothes that he loves. I know he wouldn’t be thrilled with this if I actually gave it to him, but he’d be happy when it was all done.
    • A new TV and a PS4. The man doesn’t really have time to play video games but he would make time if he had a PS4. It baffles my mind that this is what a grown man wants as a gift, but isn’t that what giving (hypothetical) gifts is about- giving what someone wants? So, a big TV (Which I’d also pay to have someone attach it to the wall) and a PS4 with a nice game library. (I’m rolling my eyes as I type this one!!)[bctt tweet=”It baffles my mind that a grown man wants a PS4, but isn’t that what giving (hypothetical) gifts is about- giving what someone wants?” username=”GetMomBalanced”]
    • A family trip to Disney World. We took our oldest son to Disneyland when he was a little over 2 ½ and it was amazing! We live in CA and drove and it was still a very expensive trip. We wish we could go again tomorrow! It makes me cringe to think about how expensive it would be to get a family of 4 across the country and do the Disneyworld parks and stay in one of the onsite hotels. But this is my fantasy post and I know my hubby would love this (We were fortunate enough to go twice before kids) and this would be an amazing family trip.

So that’s what I would give him if we had (lots of) money available. Obviously gifts don’t have to big or expensive, but my hubby works so hard for our family (and likes nice things!) so it’s fun to think about what I would do for him if money were no concern.

The reality?

The fantastic art our son made for Father's Day (Our reality), but it was fun to think about what I'd get for my hubby if we had lots of $$!
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Well, this is reality…so I’ve framed the fantastic picture that E brought home from school for Father’s Day and I’ll leave it up to him to decide what he wants to do. Because that’s how we roll: it’s your day- you decide. I might be alone with the kiddos while he golfs or we may spend the day together. As long as the hubby is happy and feels loved, mission accomplished.

What did you do for your hubby or father of your kids? What’s on your “If money were no object” list?

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