Top Parenting Posts of 2016 from Get Mom Balanced

2016 was a great year- I launched this blog in May, 2016 and had more people check it out than I had imagined! My goal in starting Get Mom Balanced was to share my knowledge and education in a way that could help moms and their families. I also wanted to bring in guest bloggers that could share their knowledge and expertise with all of you. I am so excited to create a list of top parenting posts from the first year.

Top Parenting Posts of 2016 from Get Mom Balanced

Setting Limits with Kids: Part 1Setting Limits with Kids | Setting and Establishing Boundaries for Children | Creating Healthy Boundaries for Families

Though I didn’t write this post, I am so proud of it! Clearly I wasn’t the only mom who wanted to get more guidance on how limits and boundaries are so important for kids.

In this post, Family Coach, Sandra Kermode introduces the idea of limits and why they are so important for parents and kids. She helps us understand where we might go wrong in setting limits and also identifying our own boundaries and limits, along with starting to think about a game plan when it comes to setting limits.

Creating healthy boundaries for your kids can be a challenge but Sandra’s guidance will make it feel doable.


Helping kids calm down | Free printable | Breathing for stress | How to teach breathing techniques to kids | Exercise for children to deal with stress3 Simple Steps to help you Kids Calm Down

For the last decade I have helped athletes learn how to calm themselves down when they need to. When I became a mom I realized even more how being able to calm down is a life skill. Not only that, but we can start helping our kids learn to regulate emotions from an early age.

This post teaches you an easy process to teach your kids so that they can more effectively calm down when they need to. One skill taught from a young age can help your kids learn how to better control their emotions. You also have access to a free printable to help you and your kids remember the steps needed to calm down.

Raising KindnessTeaching Kindness for Kids | Raising Kindness at Home | Acts of Kindness for Families | Ideas to Spread Kindness | How to Be Kind at Home

I was so impressed when one of my college friends started a service group to┬áteaching her young children how to give back. Being kind to others is something that I firmly believe in, but isn’t an area I’m any sort of expert in so I was excited when Kelly was willing to share about how she works to raise kindness at home.

We can’t expect our children to know how to be kind; we need to model it, provide opportunities to be kind, and┬áteach our children about kindness on a regular basis. This post helps you understand how to spread acts of kindness in your community as well as how to create habits of kindness at home.


Building confidence | Teaching confidence to kids | Affirmations | Body language | Free printable | Self confidence for kids3 Ways to Build a Shield of Confidence
This is another post that comes direct from my Mental Skills Training background. Too many times people believe that you either have confidence or you don’t. The truth, though, is that confidence can be built and developed if you know how to do it.

Though there are many ways to build confidence, this post helps teach you three strategies that you can use with your children to help improve their confidence when they need it. You can also download your free worksheet to help create affirmations, which are one way to create more positive thinking and confidence for yourself and your kids.


Setting Limits with Kids | Setting and Establishing Boundaries for Children | Creating Healthy Boundaries for FamiliesSetting Limits with Kids: Part 2
As a follow up to Setting Limits Part 1, this post digs in deeper to actually creating and sticking with the limits that you set. Not only does this post give you questions to ask yourself as you create a limit, but it also gives guidance on how to reflect afterward.

When so much of parenting seems to be trial and error, it’s nice to have some guidance on an area of parenting that can be tough. By creating and sticking to healthy limits, we help our children and ourselves.

Sandra once again does a great job at giving clear advice that is immediately applicable.


I hope you enjoy these posts and that they help you become the type of parent you want to be. In the mean time, if you want even more amazing parenting posts, check out more of The Best Parenting Posts from 2016.

You’ll find the best of the best from some amazing bloggers. Learn more about self-esteem, raising kids who love the earth, more ideas on kindness, and activities for you and your kids to enjoy together. You’ll also find topics you probably have questions on such as when and how to ditch the diapers and how to help your kids get better sleep.

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